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Playing in the snow ❄️
Let’s do a little “about this photo”: I asked Sean to take a picture of me and #lolareyduffy 💕 When Javi said “me too!” I was THRILLED 😍 So I awkwardly knelt down to his height, while trying to secure Lola’s head and trying hard not to squeeze her recently fed belly. We got into position but before Sean could snap a 📸 Javi ran off yelling “I done!” And Lola yawned so long that all 3 shots look like this. 🤷🏻‍♀️ better luck next time. 👏🏻
❤️😘😍 my best valentine. @duffybeerd #valentinesday #husband #love
11 years and counting. 💋 no measure of time with you will be long enough so let’s start with forever 😘 thank you for loving me and our children endlessly, for making dinner every night, for planning “one day” vacations to Iceland (we WILL get there “soon” as Javi would say), for being the person in our relationship who kills all the bugs in the house, and for bringing me a bowl of ice cream every night. You’re the best. ❤️ #happyvalentinesday #love @duffybeerd
How are you 7 weeks old already?! 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m excited that you’re growing and that we’re fortunate enough to see time move forward but I’d also like it to stop in this moment for just a little while. ⚡️
My newest and most favorite wearable accessory. •

10 pounds of warmth and comfort. •

The ergo is pretty neat, too. •

But the girl inside the ergo? My heart could burst. 💕👶🏻
Decorating Valentine’s Day cookies like it’s his job ❤️🤩
We ventured to the mall today for what was Lola’s first real outing. 🌟 It was also her first time in the stroller. She was a fan 👌🏻. She also declared she was starving once we reached a parking spot. So we made a mad rush for the food court to sit and feed her. Even though it was 10:45am, Javi declared he, too, was famished and ate his food as well as mine. 🤷🏻‍♀️ We made it to one store before realizing we had to drive back home before it would be time for Lola’s next feeding and Javi’s nap. We didn’t make it and she cried most of the way and then he didn’t nap 😴 this is exhausting and I should have taken my time at Zara.✌🏻
When the dog doesn’t trust your mothering skills and thinks she could do a better job. 🤨🐶
Safety first👌🏻 Javi’s enjoying his snow day home from school by scootin’ around, painting, coloring, reading, playing instruments, playing kitchen, doing puzzles, helping with Lola, oh... and running laps 🤦🏻‍♀️ Days like these reassure us that our decision to send him to school every day is 100% where he should be. 😜❤️
Something tells me there’s always next year 💔 I’ve seen 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 super bowl wins in my lifetime and Javi’s already seen 🏈. #lolareyduffy will see her win soon enough. ✨
#superbowl #football #patriots #newenglandpatriots
😯 I can’t believe the coordination and concentration he has to be able to do this activity. He surprises us daily. ✨ and the look of amazement on his face! 😍 he’s so proud!