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I chase sunsets.
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It gets colder when he's not around.
Partnered up with @ms.breemarie and @louveganjerky to make a little video. Had a fun time shooting this and eating it afterwards. So good! 😉 Hope you guys enjoy.
Here to wack your wood. 📷@ms.breemarie
After filming and producing this video, I kinda wanna get married now. Maybe after I finish crying. 😉 
I had so much fun shooting this. Thank you to @freshidea and @_issachelle for being my first wedding video and letting me capture your special day. ❤️
Full video on the YouTube channel.
Even though I wasn't there to snap some photos, these two were great at letting me pose them. I'm so excited to share with you guys my first wedding video. Stay on the lookout.
You're the only one who turns my lights on.
When you first kissed me you left me wanting every piece of you. When can I have you?
The moment you realize you already have everything you need to be successful, you'll see things in a brand new light.
Shooting my very first wedding. It's kinda a big deal. No longer watching wedding vids and crying. I'm making them and crying.
After 4.5 years as an Apparel Specialist for Nike, I am excited to announce I have just officially been promoted to Coach of Apparel. I'm really excited because for the longest time I was unable to pursue it since I was going to school full time and my education was the highest priority. Since graduating in August, I have been applying to media positions in major U.S. cities from LA to SF to Chicago to NYC and Miami but I have had no luck whatsoever. So I decided to stop waiting for someone to give me an opportunity and I started working on myself and doing my own freelance photography and videography. And I'm happy with what I'm doing. I love creating and telling stories. I'm hustling and the grind is serious. The plan is to grow my portfolio and work on my craft while working for Nike. After 6 months in my current postion, I will be eligible for transfer to a major U.S. city which would give be a better chance of obtaining a media job in that city. This upcoming year will be focused on my personal growth and development in all areas of my life and I'm excited for the challenges to come. I've begun to open up to new possibilities and new people and experiences and I can't wait to lead my success. Let me know if you're game.
When finding the perfect Christmas tree is just as hard as finding the perfect man.
When you want one that is tall, beautiful, smells nice and has character to it. So many options but none just right.
I never really got over you.