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My latest wedding film is now up on YouTube. Check it out on the channel. If anyone needs a wedding film, I'll be your Cam of Honor. If any other videographers wanna collab, let's get together and make some gorgeous films. 
I'm shooting another wedding this weekend, so get excited for that too!
I got a little feeling that you're good for me.
Even though you left me in the dust
I still believe in us.
Out of all the things I miss,
I miss the taste of you on me and me on you.
Brokeback desert.
Let me be your oasis in the desert.
I never told you how I felt when you ended things.
I just want to let you know there was love.
I hope you know that.
I want to give you wild love.
The kind that never slows down.
And have you only be mine.
I could still feel your lips at the edge of my neck.
Let's make this feeling last.
Keep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you.
Let me show you what we could be.
Switch on the focus on your sweet reality.
Days I'm not with you got me going psycho.
I could always use a little bit more of you.