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We offer non-surgical procedures for a beautiful and natural look. Please call us for info or to book an appointment❤ @jbeautyclinic #jbeautyclinic


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🚩重要なお知らせ及びブラックフライデーセール🚩 皆様にはご迷惑、ご心配をお掛けして申し訳ございません。皆さま素敵な感謝祭をお過ごし下さいませ。Happy THANKSGIVING! 今年のブラックフライデーセールの詳細は後ほどご案内いたします!😎😎😎
🚩IMPORTANT INFO & BLACK FRIDAY INSTRUCTIONS🚩 Please read. We apologize for the inconvenience. We hope you all have a Happy THANKSGIVING! We will be announcing our 2018 BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS later today!😎😎😎
今年も残すところあと2ヶ月となりました。10月に導入したHIFU(ハイフ)が予想以上の人気でしたのでトライアル価格キャンペーン期間を1ヶ月延長します!!11月いっぱい顔と首の引き上げトリートメントが$300(通常$1000🧡🍁ダウンタイムもありませんので、パーティなどで人と会う機会の多いこの季節でもご心配なく!そして二の腕のHIFU(ハイフ)トリートメントもトライアル価格の$200です😍運動で落としにくいたるみの部分をハイフを使って引き締めていきましょう!他にも3Dレーザー美肌トリートメントやジュビダームボリューマなどもキャンペーン中ですのでお見逃しなく。ご予約お問合わせは808-351-7392まで🧡🍁🍂 www.jbeautyclinic.com
NOVEMBER SPECIALS 🧡🍂🍁 it is almost the end of the year! This month, due to high demand we are having a special price on our new treatment HIFU!! HIFU reaches down to the deepest layer of your skin to build collagen, tighten and lift! We are also doing trial HIFU treatment for upper arm fat to get rid of and tighten that area 1 treatment $200!🧡 we also have specials for Voluma which is a filler that lasts twice as long as regular fillers!🧡 call 808-351-7392 to book and appointment! www.jbeautyclinic.com
Happy Halloween!💀👻🎃 From J Beauty Clinic!!❤ I hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!
We will reveal our November Specials tomorrow!!
当クリニックで一番人気のあるブラジリアン(ビキニ)脱毛のシークレットキャンペーン😍😍期間限定で今日から10/31まで半額の5回$500で発売中です。質問はお気軽にお電話で!半額キャンペーンはなかなか出ませんのでこの機会に是非ご予約お待ちしております😋 808-351-7392 !
The promo you've all been waiting for !!!😍 11 days only!!! 50% OFF PERMANANT HAIR REMOVAL FOR BRAZILIAN OR BIKINI AREA!!😍 This is a secret promotion which only lasts 11 days! Call us today at 808-351-7392 to book an appointment !
This month we have a NEW treatment HIFU! This uses Ultrasound waves to reach the deepest layer of your skin to tighten and build collagen in your skin! This month we have a trial price for FACE&NECK for $250!! We announced that we can only take two clients for HIFU per day, but due to the popularity of this treatment we are changing it to 4 clients per day!! Please call 808-351-7392 to book your appointment!😋 💖💖
新しいトリートメントのハイフが遂に導入となりました👏🏼皮下組織から筋膜層の肌の奥深いところまで引き締めます。今月はトライアル価格 顔&首(通常$1000)$250で受けて頂けます✨お気軽にお問い合わせ下さい‼️
New Machine HIFU which uses Ultrasound waves to reach down into the deepest layer of your skin! It increases collagen in your skin to give a lift up look✨This month special HIFU on face and next for $250‼️
ついに新しいトリートメントのハイフが導入となりました 🎃👻🧡
October Specials!!🎃👻🧡 this month we are introducing a BRAND NEW MACHINE + super special price for it! HIFU machine is High Intensity Focused Ultrasound which uses Ultrasound waves to reach down into the deepest layer of your skin! It increases collagen in your skin to give a lift up look! Can be combined with Super Titan, Genesis or IPL because all 4 treatments treats different skin layers! This months special is HIFU on face and neck for $250!!😱 we also have new specials such as special price on Mens hair removal! Please visit jbeautyclinic.com or call 808-351-7392 for more info and booking an appointment!🧡🧡🧡
We are excited to announce that we have a brand new credit card system that now accepts AMERICAN EXPRESS, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay!💳😱🤗 we will also continue accepting Visa, Mastercard and Discover!💳❤
今まで当クリニックでのお支払いをクレジットカードでされる場合、ビザ、マスター、JCBカードのみのお取り扱いでしたが、これからはそれに加えてアメックス、ダイナース、アップルペイ、グーグルペイ、サムスンペイ決済のご利用が可能となりました。💳😊 💫Check out our September Promos! 9月のキャンペーンです!💫 http://jbeautyclinic.com/specials.html