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Are you ready to start the $50 challenge? Save as much $50 as possible. Get kids and spouses to help with the challenge and maybe you can afford that vacation you have always wanted in October
Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to purchase, invest in or improve your property.
The affordable interest rate offered - 6% secured & 9% unsecured with up to5 Years to Repay
It’s not how much you make it’s what you are able to save that will ensure that money is always in the bank. On Monday  November 25th let’s start the $50 challenge. More info coming soon
Invest wisely now so you can enjoy your returns later. Talk to us today and let us put together a portfolio suited to your needs
Want that dream car 🚗? Or is it time to change that old car for something more reliable? Well no matter the reason the JDF CREDIT UNION has a car loan for you with flexible payment terms and low low interest rate. Give us a call today or just walk into our office. #marchingforward #buildingwealth #carloan #newcar #creditunion #jdf #soldiersmoving #wecare
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Welcome home! Welcome to a place where family and friends are waiting to help you succeed.