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Joanne : "GELI WOI"
Abis itu mukul
Derps #mujigaeresto
Yang sering kaga ikut foto karena motoin, papi
When you cant find your things, tanya mami
Kelas aja belom mulai udah kepengen 'ho - ho - holiday eek'
Sesekali foto ama boyband
あなたの住む街に たどり着いたならば
この想いを伝えてよ Blue sky blue
Blue Sky Blue - Flower
それは とても 深いグリーン
Totemo Fukai Green - Flower
"Lost World"
I thought it would be humid inside the dome, turned out to be the freshest air i've breathed in my whole life #lebay
Last days in Kota
Happy but also sad high school is over