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...a pic of me and mine in North Carolina a few weeks ago. A damn beautiful place, full of amazing people. Special certainly to us, and I’m sure lots of you. As many of you know, i just got back to Georgia from Houston, meeting some of you that I was supposed to meet a year ago, a meeting delayed because of hurricane Harvey. A year later, and hurricane Florence was/is continuing its massive path of destruction thru the Carolinas. Wilmington, @hilarieburton hometown, and where her family still resides... has been devastated. Lives have been lost, homes destroyed. These disasters that are happening far too regularly... They all hurt, and this one in particular, has hit very close to home at our house. Hilarie, being Hilarie... on the frontline of so many great causes, and fighting for anyone in need. She’s been busy. Her and the ladies of “One Tree Hill” a show that was filmed in Wilmington for 10 years @danneelackles512 @sophiabush and the rest have started a fundraising campaign for those in desperate need of help as a result of this storm and the continuing flooding. Here is what I can promise... if you are able to help... Not one penny is wasted... it’s going to find the folks that need it the most. I trust these women with my life... literally. I have no doubt they, and I’m sure myself and @jensenackles and more, will be there. Boots on the ground, as soon as they’ll let us in... doing what we can. Y’all know I think you are the greatest, so, if you can help at all, follow link in my bio. If not? Good thoughts and prayers mean the world. I can’t tell you thank you enough. Xojd
Happy birthday to the lad in the middle!! xxxooojd
A good Sunday.... #farmlife ❤️
Cow whisperer. Sweet baby born this morning. Hell of a thing to wake up to! Mama and baby doing great. Xojd
Xojd @loveisclothing
Alright... well, when @hilarieburton and @sophiabush decide to do something... I kinda just do what I’m told. Take a pic of yourself wearing a fav piece of clothing, using their hashtag #theawesomechallenge and the good folks @rocketsofawesome will donate back to school clothes to @baby2baby for a little punk in need of new duds! Pretty cool deal that we all can take part in. So... I’m supposed to ask 3 to join in... @officialevercarradine @chrisdaughtry aaandd my rockstar niece... @ewh_its_hannah However? That all being said? Ya’ll that read this long ass post can totally jump in on this train of awesome,  and help out some great, and I’m sure grateful kids. Xojd
Hope to see you there. Should be some fun! Xojd @fandemictour
With my buddy Randy @kenwoodrodshop a true artist and Hot Rod guru. And a guy so cool, Johnny Cash once shook his hand.
Good times!
Love these guys so much. SDCC 2018.
SDCC. 2018. Thanks to my TWD family, and mostly, thanks to the fans. Love all y’all... xojd