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My pop. Happy dads day. I look at this picture a lot... it sits atop the mantle at our farm... one of gus’ favorite photos ever. Mine too. I often wonder how at 20 years of age you were able to do all you did. The sacrifices you made... Thank you for being my dad... for setting an example in so many ways, for allowing me, reluctantly at times to follow my path. It’s been a journey, one that I couldn’t of done without you. I’ve spent 52 years with you as my hero, wanting to make you proud. And now as a dad myself... I hope that my boy looks at me the same way I look at you. Dads and sons. No relationship is trickier or more important in a boys life. We win. Thanks pop. Thank you for pushing me while standing next to me. I love you.
Just found this... Uncle Norm and George on her 3rd day birthday.
Moving mama and Loretta with Gus... Loretta’s first walk on the farm. Pretty cute little bugger. Xojd
My gal, and babygal. ❤️
Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there. But to this mama.... on behalf of myself, gus, and George... we all want to thank you. With every ounce of who we all are... for being the best mom in the whole world. For making our lives the best, and most special they could ever be. You’ve created and molded the family I figured I could only dream of... I figured wrong. I love you. I love you for everything. But how I love you for this family you’ve given us. You’re the best, smartest, prettiest, funniest, meanest, most amazing mom ever ever. Happy Mother’s Day Hil. I’ll  see you tonight. Xxxxxxx P.s. make sure gus feeds animals and gets eggs! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Baby alert, born this morning! Welcome to the farm little one, we all real excited to meet you! Except Paxton... he’s jealous as hell. Bent down to say hello, and he goosed me good... pretty sure Pax left me with teeth marks... Ass. No, not picked out a name yet... we think it’s a gal... but where Ally had her baby... was most popular spot on the farm... surrounded by alpaca and the other 3 donkeys... had to clear everyone out so mama and baby could have a moment... updates a comin. Xojd
Mr Hops!! Xojdgus&hops
Oh cmon!! @hackettfarm1 has some bunnies!! I may be bringing this dude home!! Xojd. UPDATE... Welcome to Mischief Farm Mr Hops! We real excited to have ya!
A damn fine day. Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes! Means the world. Xojd
I love a practical joke. More than that, I love a dude that can take a practical joke. Now @therock is that guy... trust me... he gets as easily as he gives. I’ve been gotten by him more than a few times... usually ending in both of us laughing ourselves to tears. So? I owed him. Last day and last interview of the #RampageMovie worldwide junket...DJ, I’ve never had so much fun making and promoting as I did with @rampagethemovie that credit goes to you! See you soon brother. Xojd #harryasul #savethebison #madehimsweat #whatthehellisthataccent