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I love a practical joke. More than that, I love a dude that can take a practical joke. Now @therock is that guy... trust me... he gets as easily as he gives. I’ve been gotten by him more than a few times... usually ending in both of us laughing ourselves to tears. So? I owed him. Last day and last interview of the #RampageMovie worldwide junket...DJ, I’ve never had so much fun making and promoting as I did with @rampagethemovie that credit goes to you! See you soon brother. Xojd #harryasul #savethebison #madehimsweat #whatthehellisthataccent
Home. Thanks to all of you. The last month with @rampagethemovie and last night @amcthewalkingdead and now... finally... home. Love ya all. Xojd
@rampagethemovie day one press in London.... excited for premiere here tonight! Time to unleash this beast. @therock @naomieharris
@sternshow my goddamn hero. Morning all. Xxxjd
Heelllll yes! @rampagethemovie press junket with my two dudes. @therock #gusy
Hey folks, on @jimmykimmellive tonight. Talking about Rudolph, elves, and an awesome sleigh. Probably talk about @therock and @rampagethemovie as well...
My girl. Got her daddy wrapped but good.
#RampageMovie “I think we’ll be alright....” huh. Seems to fall into category of famous last words. We shall see! 4/13/18 find the f*#$k out. Xojd
@RampageTheMovie #RampageMovie 4-13-2018
See all you folks there! (Yes... I’ll be at every showing in every city, in every country) popcorn is on me. Or Dwayne. Prolly Dwayne now that I think about it. Popcorn on @therock !!!!!
Happy birthday to @gnicotero one of the coolest, most talented, and genuine dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure of calling a pal. Much love buddy!! Xojd