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5.2. Fights Aliens

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Michael Howells 🌹x
I took this shot and sent it to Michael a few weeks ago. ‘The chandeliers are down’ Which seems so fitting now. 
A graceful, glorious, gentle giant. A creative genius, with a supreme eye and a twinkling wit. A palace created from walnuts and hand sourced sea shells. Truly, there wasn’t a day you walked on set without being awed by him. The shining star of Victoria. You are one of a kind Michael and how we shall miss you so x x @michaelhowells100
Chill out... 🌅 #haton
Take two...🎬🎬
Home. Walking back to the Victorian age.... 🎬
Velvet and Bows. Yes @studio_brisker @carolecolombani
Struttin @jally_sones 🇫🇷
@miumiu #MiuMiuCroiserie19 #whatashow thank you Mrs Prada & @miumiu team ➡️london inbound x x
Merci @miumiu 💫💫 #miumiuclub #throwsthebestparties
@miumiu ❤️❤️ @studio_brisker
PARIS #gaypride #matinee