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Had the best time with my litl’ bunny and her cousins today!🐰Hope you all had the best holiday weekend, celebrating Easter and/or Passover. I’m lucky enough to celebrate both!💗 Scroll to see our matching mommy + me dresses!💐💐
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I found the afikomen!🙌🏻 Happy Passover, friends!🍎 #liketkit
Looking for the perfect Easter dress? I got ya!🐰
Outfit details by clicking the link in my bio or by following me in the app💕 #liketkit
I don’t usually take selfies, but here we go!🙈 No filter. No edit. Just me!💁‍♀️
👉👉I’m definitely no makeup artist, just a momma who tries to get out the door looking like I got some sleep the night before!🤣
I linked all my go-to products in the app or click the link in my bio! Feel free to comment below or direct message me with any color/application questions!💋 #liketkit
Lace be honest💕 This is the perfect Easter dress!🐰 It’s classic yet feminine and would look adorable styled with a denim or suede jacket if it’s chillier out (which I’m sure it will be in Chicago!)
Outfit details by following me in the free app (easy directions in my stories) or click the link in my bio💗 #liketkit
Uh oh! My mini just turned 18 months🎈Where does time go?!🙆‍♀️ She is the most animated, curious, and happy litl’ girl!
Ask her if she wants to nap and she always says ‘NO’ as she shakes her head! I kid you not, she does not nap and has energy for days!!🤣 Ask her if she wants to play and the answer is always ‘YES’ with a big smile on her face!😀 I love her so stinking much and wish we could just freeze time!
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No joke, I’m an April Fools’ Day baby!🎈🎂
Growing up, my birthday was always a lot of fun.... Opening a present to find yet another wrapped present inside🙆‍♀️ My mom always made cupcake ice cream cones in lieu of real ice cream🍦Looking forward to celebrating with family —hopefully all jokes aside!🤞
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Today’s forecast ~ Neon!⚡️ .
Wearing color always makes me feel my best and most confident!🌈 If you typically wear black head-to-toe (believe me, I’m guilty of it too) try putting on color and I promise it will put a smile on your face!😀
PS: Can we talk about how amazing this neon yellow ensemble is?🙆‍♀️ Shop it now by clicking the link in my profile or by following me on the app! #liketkit
I noticed some new faces around here so I wanted to re-introduce myself....Hi! I’m Jennifer!🙋‍♀️
1. I started posting #ootd selfies on @instagram because I loved styling outfits and I used the platform as a creative outlet.  I was pleasantly surprised when my account reached 1K, and my hubby suggested I started blogging. As my blog and social channels grew I began working with brands to showcase their designs on my platform. Being an influencer was never my intention! I am incredibly lucky to really truly love what I do!💗
2. My family means everything to me👨‍👩‍👧 My daughter, Madeline, just turned 17 months and I feel so blessed to be her mommy. She keeps me on my toes at all times (literally) and makes my world go round🌏❤️ My hubby (aka my photographer) is my rock.
3. I describe my style as romantic and feminine — with a touch of flair!👗
4. I am an insomniac. When I do sleep I still sleep with my childhood bear, Corduroy (shhh....) Judge me...I know it’s bizzare🙆‍♀️ Madeline has her own mini Corduroy that she sleeps with🐻
5. You can always shop my outfits on my feed by clicking the link in my bio or by following me @jenniferlane in the free app!🛍
I am so grateful for this community and your support🙏 I’d love to learn more about YOU! Please tell me something about you!😘 #liketkit
Twinning with my mini... my everything

Her smile; her love for dancing with her momma; her happiness... it’s all contagious in the best way possible.

As I’m grieving the loss of baby #2, Madeline is my shining star... giving me strength and smiles. Sharing more on my blog, just click the link in my profile.

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Sunshine, just what the doctor ordered☀️ Healing from tragedy doesn’t happen overnight. Day by day I’m pushing through👊 Appreciating the litl’ things like sunshine; Madeline’s first time in the pool; and my sweet husband who has been trying to make me smile each and every day💗 #liketkit
Experiencing loss is the hardest pain I’ve ever had to endure💔 You, and this community, have helped give me strength to put a smile on my face even though on the inside I’m hurting.

My family of 3 is in need of a reset and are headed to Miami this week☀️ I’m hoping some sunshine, getting Madeline in the sand, and a litl’ change of scenery will help my healing process🙏 #liketkit