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Artist, Crafter, Baker
♥ Loves coffee, family, Jesus, & cake! 🍰
Obsessed with wool felt & whimsy
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Dinner sizzling away in the @lodgecastiron yum! Work hard, play hard, eat well, live clean, give the glory to God ♥ That's what the Nilssons strive for. #lodgecastiron #castironskillet
How cool is this?! This is my 'year of color' representing my most often used colors in my IG oosts and how others react to them. Find yours at @yearofcolour #yearofcolour
Bright, colorful, cheerful, fun! That's what I love to create! Here is a snapshot of just a few of the 400+ images that I have available for licensing with new images added regularly. For ready to use images... or....for custom work created to YOUR specifications, please be sure to click on my Licensing Portfolio tab by way of the link in my bio. #artlicensing #licensedartist #jennifernilssonart
Slouchy of the many looks of being a mountain mama farmgirl painter in the middle of wishing it was summer......just keepin' it real. So many people have told me I have a glamorous job.....I have an awesome job as a licensed artist that I am truly thankful for each and every day....but glamorous is not for me. I'll stick with warm....quiet....and comfortable.
This old farmhouse is so drafty and cold, so I sometines warm up in between work sessions by either heading to the livingroom to stand in front of the fireplace or.....bake! Today is definetly a baking day. Homemade granola and bread in the works. Yum!
Dreaming of summer warmth, butterflies, bees, and flowers....lots and lots of flowers ♥♡♥♡ #artlicensing #artistsoninstagram #summerdays2018 #summerart #watercolor #gardenflagart #isitsummeryet☀️#jennifernilssonart
Who else is ready for warm summer days, porch sitting, and lemonade sipping? I sure am! Brand new work today available for licensing coming soon! #gardenflagartist #watercolor #frontporchsitting #summerdays2018 #artlicensing #jennifernilssonart
It's 4:45am.....time to paint (I'd rather be sleeping but.....turn lemons into lemonade, right? ;)
Winter wonderland on the mountain ♥
Dreaming of a little summertime front porch sittin' on this snowy winter day.....
This little patriotic piece might need a bit more tweaking, but I'm pretty darn happy with it ♥ to start a new felt doll pattern!
Little rabbit is almost finished. Having so much fun creating this sweet whimsical garden scene.