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Happy Birthday, Moose.  And you too, @jaredpadalecki ...Now get out there and show these kids how to make poor choices like a true grown-up. 😉🎉🎂
Love ya bro. #happybirthdayjared
It’s that time of year. With elusive covers of blue people and collectors bags with these yahoos.  Hope you all can get to San Diego to experience all that #WBSDCC has to offer!
So @TxDOT has asked me to help promote a new law here in Texas that I couldn’t agree with more. Check it out (but NOT if you're driving). #HeadsUpTexas #TalkTextCrash #ad
My annual 4th of July JJ pic.  Happy Birthday America.  Be safe out there folks.  By that I mean go fast and make poor choices. 😉💥💥💥
Flexing with my birdie for the USO’s #Flex4Forces campaign to show our nation’s heroes we stand strong behind them. We nominate @jaredpadalecki @misha @jeffreydeanmorgan And @teamcoco to flex next!  Get to it gentlemen!  Learn more at
Just a couple of dudes playin guitars and drinkin beer....and a whole whack of other stuff. (Very limited space)
Tryin out some of the new summer brews here at @familybusinessbeerco freakin tasty! (I might be bias)
Happy 5th birthday to my J-Bird.  I will be submitting my official request that it stops here.  No more growing up.  That’s it.  I’m not sure my heart can take it. 😳
As I put my kids to sleep tonight and lay down next to my wife...I want thank those men and women who have sacrificed to provide this great blanket of freedom under which we get to rest.  #memorialday
Bros, burgers, beer and golf.  I love me some hiatus!  @williammurraygolf @bandondunesgolf
#happymothersday to my amazing wife.  You are a mother champion!  Yet, I question our son’s top knot and pink life vest? 🤔 (kidding y’all...chill. 🙄)
Buongiorno Roma!!! What a beautiful day to spend with friends.  #jib9 #spanishsteps #spnfamily