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This #EarthDay, go greener with our Dali Deluxe Bamboo French easel that is perfect for plein air painting while remaining eco-conscious! Made from environmentally friendly, #sustainable bamboo, you can rest assured that the production of your easel is not contributing to deforestation. Your admiration of the world around you can now not only be expressed by painting out in the environment, but by being kind to it as well! Check it out here:
Tomorrow! Our Director of Framing, Sam Buie, is back for our Spring Framing Fever episode of Jerry's LIVE! Join us at 5:30 EST on our official Facebook page as he and Amy share their favorite tips and tricks for all your spring framing needs!
Our Yes! Canvas has the finest close weaved cotton that is primed three times to a super smooth surface, but here's the twist... you can paint on it with any media! The priming is the key. Imagine a canvas so versatile that it will accept any paint, ink or marker you have in your studio! Imagine the possibilities! 
Check out our Yes! All Media Cotton Canvas here:

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😍😍😍@michellecourier we love that one too! You can't beat some@of those Charvin colors!!
One of my favorite acrylic Charvin hues.... anise #charvinacrylics #jerrysartarama #colorsofnature #charvin
💕Love this!! 💕Repost from @jacquifehl
The sun is shining, the dogs are fed, and yesterday I did some retail therapy at @jerrysartarama 
Today is going to be a play day in the studio. If one of my pieces decides it wants to move forward, great!  If not, that’s okay too. I got nowhere to be.
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Love our Saint Remy Multi-Angle Wood Studio Easel! You can paint and varnish even the largest canvases at any angle, even flat! Not to mention, if you paint small (or constantly have more than one project going on at once like I do!) you can actually paint two canvases side by side, even if they are different heights!

Oh, and did I mention it's on super sale right now?? Check it out:
We love our Acurit Thin Line Pro LED Light Boxes! They never get hot and use only 5.5 watts of power but are bright enough to even see through papers, artist canvas and fabrics! 
Check them out for yourself: 
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How cool are these Creative Mark FX Special Effects Palette Knives? So many cool textures to be made with them and so fun to use!

One of our customers agrees and says "These brushes are a neat way to create good foliage for trees and bushes. Also flower petals for landscapes. The edges are sharp and easy to use to create details whether two parallel lines or nice round circles!" Check 'em out for yourself:
Acrylic, India and Alcohol inks, oh my! But it doesn’t just stop there… Watercolor inks, calligraphy inks, China and Sumi-E inks abound… What are they all used for, anyway? The definition of ink is narrow, but the application effects and techniques that can be used are W-I-D-E open! Join us tomorrow, 5:30EST, on our official Facebook page, for our latest Jerry's LIVE episode as we delve into the world of inks, and how one or more types and applications may be just what your artworks need to give them a fresh POP.
Our Charvin Extra Fine Artists' Acrylics have us longing for spring right now with these colors! How gorgeous are they?? The over 100 vibrant colors parallel the beautiful colors of nature, making them the perfect choice for landscape and realist painters, as well as in the studio!

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Here's to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, may we PAINT them! Here's to all the women artists out there on International Women's Day! •
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Chelsea Classical Studio Clarified Extra Pale Cold Pressed Linseed Oil is meticulously handcrafted, washed and de-yellowed by traditional, natural processes that strive to make the palest, cleanest pure linseed oil for artists’ use. Created with Old Masters methods, this professional-quality linseed oil will not darken like traditional linseed oils and provides brighter and richer tones and hues when used with oil colors!