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This Friday we are featuring our beloved Charvin Extra Fine Professional Oil Paints! Based on over 175 years of experience, serving artists like Cezanne, Bonnard, and Ambrogiani and using only the highest grade pigments that are triple-milled to the finest particle size, Charvin Extra Fine Oil Colors span a naturally progressing color range from the subtlest shades to brilliant hues. The main binding ingredient in Charvin Extra Fine oils is poppy oil, which dries slower than linseed oil (but without its tendency to yellow over time), and provides a rich creaminess to the paint. Charvin has created a high quality oil paint at an extremely reasonable price point! 
How gorgeous are those colors?? and that's just a few of them! There's over 200 colors in the line!! See them all for yourself here:
Oh and did we mention that they are on sale right now too?? #Charvin #OilPaint #OilPainter #CharvinParis #PoppyOil #ColorsofNature #HouseofHighColor #OoohPretty #Art #artist #artistofinstagram #JerrysArtarama
About to take these beautiful, shiny Alumacomp Archival Aluminum Painting Panels out for a little plein air adventure this lovely (HOT!) afternoon!! Such a fun surface (surfaces! There's two different sides on each!) to paint on!! Plus, they weigh almost nothing so they are so easy to bring along where ever inspiration takes me! 
If you haven't tried them yet, right now is the perfect time because they are another one of our Mega Hot Buys during our Artist Appreciation event! We have them as low as $1.61! 
Check them out for yourself:

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Ok, you all know we love our SoHo Colored Pencils around here and we just had to share this one... The full set of 72 is only $46.99 as one of our Mega Hot Buys this week! Y'all, they're normally $85! That's a huge deal!! ...and we're not the only ones! "Bane71" loves them too! Check out what they said: "I had purchased a set of these a year or more ago and I just fell in love with them. The colors are vibrant and the pencils retain a wonderful point for a long time. I use them to color in Manga that I draw and adult coloring books. They are also very comfortable to hold and the weight is just right for long coloring sessions. I loved them so much I got a set for my mother to use and she also fell in love with them. I am very glad I discovered these quality colored pencils and this really amazing price." Check 'em out for yourself!

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How gorgeous are these 12 Shades of Grey acrylic colors?? Customer "SandyBk" agrees! "Intrigued by the idea of painting with greys alone, I bought a set of 12 Shades Of Grey. I absolutely LOVE them! I’ve done several paintings using these greys exclusively, and I’m thrilled with the results! So much so that I bought several more sets! These paints glide on smoothly, retain their color when dry (no apparent color shift) and are superb for blocking and underpainting landscaped and still life’s. Used exclusively, I think they give a better representation of the light and color in the natural world." Oh and did we mention that they are one of our Mega Hot Buys right now?? 75ml tubes are only $1.99 each right now!!
#12shadesofgrey #grey #gray #acrylics #hotbuys #jerrysartarama #ooohpretty
Sunday night in the studio and I'm loving this Tropical Green from Charvin tonight! 😍 What's your favorite go to color?? I can't seem to get enough of this one lately!
#acrylic #charvin #charvinacrylics #tropicalgreen #ooohpretty #jerrysartarama
A lovely little painting from artist Ronald Croci using Turner Acryl Gouache! .
"EPITHET FOR AN ABANDONED VEHICLE ON THE MAMALOAHA HIGHWAY, #17 Turners Acryl/Gouache on Arches Cold Pressed. 12x9 inches.
Once I was your jewel on the showroom floor, now I sit motionless with only leaves and vines for my shroud."
How beautiful are these New York Central Professional Watercolor Panels? Your choice of 140lb. papers (pick from multiple presses of Arches, Fabriano Artistoco, Canson Heritage, or Stonehenge Aqua!) are mounted to the finest Da Vinci Birch wood surfaced panels, in two depths, with acid-free and waterproof adhesive. This allows you as an artist to soak surface before painting or use dry as you like. The mounted paper acts exactly as it would in a watercolor block or sheet paper. Unlike boards these are totally archival and for permanent works of art and are crafted specifically for you by our in house skilled artisans!
Check out all your options here: #watercolor #watercolorpaper #panels #Arches #Fabriano #FabrianoArtistico #StonehengeAqua #Canson #ArtisanMade #Custom #JerrysArtarama
If you watch Jerry's LIVE, then you know we are huge fans of this pochade box! If not, then let us tell you why we love it so much! The SoHo Plein Air Pochade  Box allows you to carry multiple supplies, holding up to six painting panels within and it's able to adjust to an infinite range of angles for painting in oils, watercolors, or pastels. It is constructed out of deeply stained & lacquered wood, with brass plated hardware and oversized easy to tighten resin knobs. The inside palette section pulls sideways to expose a 3" deep x 10" wide storage compartment with three divider sections, a magnetic brush holding tray, magnetic paper towel holder, canvas shoulder strap, with an easy to hold resin handle and a bottom section to hold up to 6 wet canvas panels. Oh and did we mention it only weights 6lbs?? 6 lbs! We can't say enough good things about it! It's brand new and already one of our favorite things!! You can check it out here:
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How gorgeous are these Old World Luxury Italian Leather Bound Soft Cover Sketch Books?? Hand made in Italy, they are styled after the books Renaissance masters used for writing down idea or sketching outdoors! They feature 120gsm acid-free paper for writing or sketching and with the high quality leather covers, these sketchbooks will serve as an heirloom for generations to enjoy!
Check them out here:

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It's officially summer and you know what that means... plein air season!! Time to get traveling and get painting, and our Butterfly Panels are the perfect travel companion! Our Plein Air Butterfly Ultra-Lightweight Oil Primed Linen Panels are super-lightweight boards that weigh only a fraction as much as other panels or canvases, and the double-sided surface is beautifully suited to artwork in any media from pencils and watercolors to acrylics and oils! The base of the panel is 1/32" thick Multimedia Artboard, mounted with professional grade oil primed Pissarro linen, perfect for all those plein air adventures (and easy travel back home!)
Check them out here: #jerrysartarama #pleinair #pleinairpainter #summertime #seriously #theyweighnothing #travel #travelpainter #butterflypanel #pissarro #linen #paintanywhere #painteverywhere
Why Use A Grey Toned Palette Vs. A White Palette?
The way a color appears on stark white is extremely different from how it appears on a tonal painting. White palettes reflect light and create shadows, thereby altering the appearance of the actual color of the paint. A true middle grey color - the ideal tone for mixing natural and life like colors! Neutral grey lends itself perfectly to color mixing, as it allows you to see paints just as they will appear on the canvas. Know immediately if a color is too light or too dark right on the palette - don't let the wrong shade ruin your painting! Shop our SoHo Grey Toned Disposable Paper Palette Pads here: ·
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A little behind the scenes from Friday's video... That #TurnerWatercolor metallic Grey #Silver and #ThaloBlue color combination is 😍, even in the rinse water!! .
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