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Styling my man for a holiday party! Y’all I finally got logan shirts he actually likes 🙌🏻 most of the time he tells me to “stop shopping in slipknots dressing room” 😂😂 but I finally got his style right with these! Ladies these @mizzenandmain shirts are legit the best damn dress shirt I have even seen and they are machine washable and wrinkle resistant!! 🙏🏻which lord knows any trip I don’t have to take to the dry cleaner is perfect for me! And he loves them and now thinks I have style!
Yes I know glove is on wrong hand, but when I was curling other side it was on the right hand.. what can I say I’m blonde with a newborn, burning my hand is last thing on my mind 😂 - Lots of you have been asking for a hair tutorial so checkout my stories right now! I’m featuring one of my new fav @bombayhair 25mm Rose Gold Curling Wand! I’ve seen so many of my friends using it I had to try it out and seriously it’s a great wand! I’m so picky so I was so happy I loved it! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 and it’s also a great gift for yourself or a bestie 🎁Use code: “JESS50” for 50% off + free holiday shipping online at #bombayhair #curlingwand 📷 @thestudiomagnolia
Congrats to @lindscampese !!!! You are my day 12 winner. Day 12 of Christmas Giveaway!!! I’m giving away my husband!!! Lol just kidding .. I am so excited about this one!!! Let’s get straight to it!! @sevensevencosmetics is giving their new facials oils, and my fav setting spray of all time! @refa_usa is giving you their ultra cleansing holiday gift set! @randco is making sure you have great holiday hair with their outer space flexible hairspray (my go to) and their television shampoo and conditioner set! And to top things off with a glow I’m sending you my new favorite highlighter by Tom ford! Here is how to win! 
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I solemnly swear I did not completely poo my pants on purpose while taking family photos - lennon James payne 
Witnesses to the epic explosion- mom, dad and @thestudiomagnolia 
No animals were harmed in the making of this. Only noses.
Congrats to @katie__samuels !!!!! You are my winner!Day 11 of Christmas giveaway! So today I thought upkeep! From face rollers, silicone masks, body exfoliators, black head brush! I’ve got you covered! These are items I use to feel extra special on the days that just kinda get to us all! I feel rejuvenated after these! Swipe to see what I’m getting for you! Here is how to win! 
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Giveaway closed! Congrats to @__danielleelizabeth__. you are our winner!!! Also, part of winning is giving me the recipe:) lol we will message you!!! Day 10 of my Christmas giveaway!! Today is all about skin! And I’m talking some glowing, natural skin! That’s why I teamed up with @timeless_organics_skin_care to give you my top 3 favorite products! Not only that they are gifting a $200 gift card  to get you all your skin care need or you can use to buy some for someone in your life for Christmas! So you get $200 and the glow moisturizer, wrinkle serum and coq10! Here is how to win! 
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So Last year my friend, now sister-in-law Shelby got me a @homesick Tennessee candle and I remember how I thought it was one of the most special gifts because it truly smelled like my home in Tennessee. I loved that it was so personal and took me back to my roots. This year I thought to have them as gifts/place cards for small gatherings. This way everyone knows where to sit and gets a thoughtful, and sincere memory of where they are from, or a special place that reminds me of them. And if you fall in love with them like I have they have 3 wick large ones, or mini ones that could be great stocking stuffers! FYI the holiday one smells incredible 😍 I have a code jesssouthern gets free shipping and  10% off $60 or more! Still time for last minute gifts! 📷 @thestudiomagnolia
Congrats to @bethany_clark89 !! Day 9 of Christmas giveaway!! This one is for all my Tampa-area ladies!! I’ve teamed up with @skindeeptara to give you her “Rudolph special” includes microdermabrasion, extractions, light therapy, and oxygen facial! Don’t worry I didn’t forget your body!! @camptampa has best cycle class and they are giving a 5pk cycle class! And of course @sweatologystudio is taking care of you too! We are gifting 3 sweats with 3 lightstims!! This way you can get ready for nye and look your best! Here is how to win! 
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Giveaway closed!!! Congrats to @lyss_matthews !! You and your friend get the best shopping spree ever!!! Day 8 of the Christmas giveaway! Today I partnered with my absolute favorite online clothing store @vicidolls  and y’all they are not only gifting you $500... they are also gifting your friend $500 as well!!🙌🏻🙌🏻Here is how to win! Oh and I forgot to mention my outfit is all from vici💗
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Congrats @kendallgalat  our day 7 winner! Day 7 CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY is all about the lights, and lashes 😍 @viragobabe is giving 12 lashes of your choice ($350 value) and I will help you pick them out! And y’all you can’t apply lashes or even makeup without an amazing lighted mirror right? That’s why I also teamed up with @rikilovesriki to give you their Riki skinny mirror!!! Here is how to enter!
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GIVEAWAY CLOSED!  Congrats!! @annabethvice Day 6! Man I had a lot going on this morning!! I’m sure some of you did as well! So let’s talk about my sixth day! Y’all always ask how I keep my blonde looking good and skin. Well there is a secret I’ve mentioned once before and it’s my shower filter! That’s why I teamed up with @raindrops to give you a complete system! I can’t live without mine as you can feel the difference in your hair and skin and nothing like it on the market! Im also sending you 901 new product @incommonbeauty magic mist! Here is how to win! 
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Taking a moment from
Christmas giving to celebrate my favorite outfit ever!! Y’all will see me in this for the next decade or til it falls apart. I loved my time in LA… And I miss the grove dearly. There is nothing like that California weather even in December. #liketkit Shop my daily looks by following me on the app 📷 @thestudiomagnolia