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Y’all Easter is almost here and I wanted to give you a extra “hop” on your insta/photo game! That’s why from now til Tuesday they are 30% off with code “bunnykiss” These are my custom presets I did with @nicoledigipresets! I did before/afters shot with iPhones so y’all can see! Mine keep your hair color the same while enhancing tone, smooths out the face, and enhances eye color. It’s just an all around beauty one!! I love it and so proud of how they turned out and from@the messages that y’all sent that purchased you love them too!! Which makes me happy!! Link to purchase is in bio!
Last Thursday I got the honor of hosting the launch of the @peanut app in Tampa. I loved bringing together so many amazing mamas, and that's what @peanut is all about. The app introduces you to like-minded women in your neighborhood based on the things you have in common—interests, mutual friends, age/gender of your children, and so much more! You can meet, chat and ask questions to a community of women who just get it. Throughout my journey of motherhood, having a community of supportive women has been so important. I'm all for women supporting other women! So, if you're new to the area, a new mom, in need of a fitness pal, or just need someone to talk to, give @peanut a go! After all, they do say it takes a village! #peanutapp
My little rocker twin... might be my fav outfit I’ve ever put on her😍😍
Taking it easy on a Sunday afternoon!!! Whole look by @vicidolls  new collection that just launched!! I have always loved a ruffle waist pant and these might be my fav ever... and this top is same brand that did the “cute by psycho” tee so you know it’s soft!! I just love pairing graphic tees With trousers for more of a fun look!! Use code Jess30 til midnight for 30% off entire site!! Hat is from older collection!
My favorite bunny in the forest ... forever and always... past the clouds, into the stars, through the moon, far above all the galaxies and  into the heavens because that’s where you were created and where my love began.
Mommies boobies are yuck is clearly a funny thing in this house... I told logan I wanted a house with laughter on our wedding day.. just didn’t know that it would be because of my boobs🤣
Happiest birthday to @jessiejamesdecker I love you so much and you aren’t just a best friend you are family now and have been from almost the beginning. No matter what we do we always have fun and it’s never dull!! I have loved seeing you accomplish everything you wanted to, see you as a mom, wife and boss babe!! I’m so thankful you have been there for me when I needed it... and I love When im with you dessert is never an option it’s a must😂.. I even love you when you told me I wouldn’t get burnt in this photo in Vegas and then I wake up next day with a lobster face 😂 but the most important is I know that when we are 80 we will still be rocking out to kid rock and nickelback and that’s true friendship!!! I love you so much!!
✨Tampa Bay Giveaway✨ closed and congrats @andreac_bb you are our winner!! We will be contacting you for your prize!!
Happy official birthday today 😂😂😂 I was so tired I thought yesterday was @callmeashley88 bday🤦🏼‍♀️ luckily I feel the same way about you today as I did yesterday!! All jokes aside, I love you so much!! I’m so proud of you and the mom you have become and woman. You have our papaws strength and love for family... I don’t know how you do everything you do and don’t even seem tired lol! I love everything about you, and loved growing up together.... love you so much and hope you have the best birthday ever!!! And I know you will because of little Ollie:)
Absolutely stunning!!!! And so proud of @jessiejamesdecker presenting tonight!! You killed it and your performance afterward! Amazing pony by @marissa.marino 💄 and styling 🙋🏼‍♀️ hair color by @Sara may_level10 And  fresh touch up  by @taunidawson jewelry by @jacqnerguizian and y’all her body looks 🙌🏻 in this dress! 
I loved we switched it up to a red lip tonight.. it’s a red carpet and they are supposed to be fun, and I loved the pop of color for tonight!!!
When your great grandma gets to hold you for the 1st time, you smile so much you show your little teeth🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰🥰 this is her sweet Mimi, Logan’s Mamaw, and it was the sweetest to see Lenny reacting when she gets held by someone new..
Had so much fun last weekend with @bucscheer as guest judge! Wish I could be there today, but hopefully next year!! I love watching all the girls and their passion and skills are amazing!!!! You can tell they love it and I love seeing that! Thank you @tbattiato for having me!!