i’m having a great time, but i’m just here. 🌎

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i miss the city
same via @laurenklein
forever dissociating
One of the most badass people was born today and I hope you’re lucky enough to have a friend as honest and genuine as she is. Thank you for always pushing me to be better, and hope this next trip around the sun is your best one yet. 🥂💘👁✨🌈🌻
posed pictures are the worst but these ladies are the best. #teatime ☕️
I may or may not have sent this to my therapist just now 🙃
why do i love miami so much and how did i become this person
fuck me up
⚠️t r a i n w r e c k⚠️
✨ just ✨ keep ✨ spinning ✨