i’m having a great time, but i’m just here. 🌎

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the more you know 💫
guess who’s five today #kindergartencat #mortypi
Today was a good day.
✨golden hour✨
that time i saw @nettiedraws in a the wild
that’s why her boobs are so big they’re full of secrets. #latergram #miamore
plot twist
One of my favorite humans was born today. I hope your day is filled with puppies, laughter, and potato chips on a sandwich. I love you, and I like you 💘💘💘
reminders from basel’s past
I’d rather be in Paris.
sad girl blog day 11,043
I’m so grateful to have so many strong, beautiful, and inspiring women in life. Happy Galentine’s Day 💘✨#ladiescelebratingladies