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Wake up, it's GAMEDAY!!!! Big day coming up for our backfield. Can't wait to expose this poor run defense that everyone is hyping up!! Thunder & lightning are coming..... @tarikcohen  @jh and they ain't ready!! #beardown 🐻⬇️ #CamWho? @chicagobears @panthers
#3 defense so far this year, let's stay healthy!! Imagine if our whole defense was healthy! This is very impressive considering the setbacks we have had so far. Y'all ready? @panthers @cameron1newton @chicagobears #beardown 🐻⬇️
Yeessir!!! Everyone says we don't have a QB, but we have 3!!! @patodonnell_16 @mtrubisky10 @tarikcohen #beardown 🐻⬇️
A career day for Jordan Howard, plus a clutch run at the end!! Huge road win for the bears!! Defense played incredible, Amos, Callahan and fuller really stepped up. Mitch seems like he's starting to take a hold of the offense and ease into things. Special teams gotta step it up but overall great huge win for the bears #beardown 🐻⬇️ @jh @chicagobears @mtrubisky10
Mitch is looking great!!! FLOOOOO with the safety, bears lead 2-0! #beardown @mtrubisky10 @chicagobears 🐻⬇️
LETS GET IT MITCH!! This is the day we have all been waiting for. I'm expecting jordan and cohen to get a lot of work early with some short play action mixed in with Mitchell. I'm excited to see how Shaheen performs this game, I think he will have a big night. I'm going 27-24 Bears!! #BradfordCantHandleTheD #BearDown #trubisky #trubiskytime #inpacewetrust #dabears
Ugghhhhh here come the injuries.... this is a huge loss on top of Freeman. Our defense is slowly getting picked apart by injuries 😑😑 fell better my man @willie_young_gone_fishing97 🎣🎣🎣 #beardown #fuckthevikings #trubiskytime 🐻⬇️
Come home to see this on the TV!! #beardown #trubiskytime #thetakeover #inpacewetrust 🐻⬇️
BOUT THAT TIME!!!! #TrubiskyTime #10 @mtrubisky10 @chicagobears
LETS GO!!! TRUBISKY TIME!!!!! #truuuuuu @mtrubisky10 #beardown
#WeWantMitch #beardown 🐻⬇️ @mtrubisky10 @chicagobears
WE NEEEEEEED TRUBISKKYYYYYY!!! Please!!! I understand that the WR's aren't helping, but did love what I saw from Bellamy and Kendall for the most part. But time and time again, Glennon isn't hanging on to the ball or there is just WAY too much miscommunication which leads to overthrows and pics. Jordan, great game. Oline played well for the most part. Really wishing we didn't lose demps. #trubiskytime #10 @mtrubisky10 #beardown @jh GREAT FIGHT BEARS 🐻🐻🐻⬇️⬇️⬇️