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Just can't buy publicity like this. Utah, making sure our tourists live up to our standards! From this morning's Idaho Statesman.
First 100 daze #utpol
Home. From the rings of Saturn, 870 million miles away. Tiny speck. Why can't we all just get along, make life better for everyone and keep our home healthy?
Showing friends Utah's new legal limit.
Here he is in 1974. Guess who? Hints, that's a Lada in the background. Second, he is more Dexter than Richie Cunningham. Third, surprised his shirt is on.
My new career in shoes in Mexico City!
Hope or despair?
On vacation--love to meet creatures.
Queso fundido!
In the Motherland, tonight La Zuema de Judas. The Burning of Judas (he is the big one on the right). He explodes after dark!
Totally loves law enforcement--unless they are investigating him.
Why are you bothering us again. We are trying to nap. Come back after 5, if you must.