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Male Model. #FIXERUPPERTOUR includes Columbus Nashville, Indy, SLC, PHX, Athens 🇬🇷, Cologne 🇩🇪 Berlin 🇩🇪 Istanbul 🇹🇷


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Following @jeanniegaffigan's brain surgery she struggled (still does) with a swallowing dissorde,  #dysphagia.  Learn more here @NFOSD swallowingdisorderfoundation.com
What are some ways your toddlers cause you pain?
The most important day of the year #talklikeapirateday
A reminder to #adoptdontshop #NobleApe
This is from the audio version of FOOD: A LOVE STORY. What is the best burger in your town? #NationalCheeseburgerDay
WISCONSIN- I’m performing in the fancy new @fiservforum this Saturday in my hometown-in-law of Milwaukee. All new material!! Just for you and anyone else who comes. (Link in bio)
Here’s a pic of the always freezing @jeanniegaffigan dancing in my suit-coat with our oldest boy at this amazing bar mitzvah we went to on Saturday.
Reading the subtitles are my way of reading. Thanks @justforlaughs for pulling this clip.
Come see me shout and sweat my all new FIXER UPPER show in Fort Wayne & Milwaukee this weekend. (Link in bio)

Other upcoming shows:

Santa Barbara, CA 
Albuquerque, NM 
Nashville, TN 
Indianapolis, IN
Columbus, OH
Istanbul, Turkey
Cologne, Germany 
Berlin, Germany 
Athens, Greece
Las Vegas, NV
SLC,  UT (2nd show added)
Phoenix, AZ (2nd showed added)
Johannesburg, South Africa 
Cape Town, South Africa
Foxwoods Casino (2nd show)
Nothing to worry about just a photo of my 5 year old drawing a picture of Jason from Friday the 13th in church.
So excited to announce I'll be perfroming all across Asia next year.  Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei & Seoul and more.  Info at JimGaffigan.com.  All new material.  Please tag folks that might want to go.

This clip is from NOBLE APE which is available everywhere you rent or buy (iTunes, Amazon, Googleplay, Youtube, Vudu)
TORONTO So fun tonight.  Thanks for coming everyone. @tedalexandro @carmencomedian @elisabethmossofficial & @johnhanl