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Male Model #QualityTimeTour W-peg, Edmonton & Calgary 🇨🇦 Johberg & Cape Town 🇿🇦, Baltimore, Philly, Bangkok 🇹🇭 Tokyo 🇯🇵 Singapore 🇸🇬, Hong Kong


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Preparing poison cookies with @jeanniegaffigan & our offspring. (More in my insta story)
Here is some stuff on Beanbag Chairs that you didn’t ask for.
#tgif #friday #haha
Coming in 2019: #playmobilthemovie
Outrage jail from @gaffiganshow with @carrottoplive, @artielange67, @realgilbert & @nickelback #tbt
My daughter Katie was so great at her Advent Liturgy tonight.  Here she is in her fancy sister-wife outfit.
Hard to believe another pale Gaffigan has been added since I complained about having only 4 kids. #waybackwednesday
I’m so excited to be performing in Seoul. Tix now available for purchase.  If you know anyone in South Korea who might be interested in going please tag them. Link in bio.
Are you a phone update? Because you're being annoying.
Here’s a picture of what I look like the morning after attending a holiday party during the week.
#Repost @jeanniegaffigan with @get_repost
My first husband was hot but a total dog.
Here’s a pic of @jeanniegaffigan with some guy who looks exactly like my dad.
Shower > Bath