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Male Model. #FIXERUPPERTOUR includes Dublin 🇮🇪Amsterdam 🇳🇱 Antwerp 🇧🇪 London 🇬🇧 Las Vegas!! CALIFORNIA (5 cities) SLC, PHX,


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My wife thinks I’m trash because I use a lot of ketchup on my sushi, but I find that the ketchup gets rid of the fish flavor. #InternationalSushiDay
#happyfathersday @biggayicecream. You can tell they are my kids by the red eyes
What are your plans for #FathersDay?
Happy #FathersDay.
“How about a city where every street has to be named after a saint?” - Founders of Montreal

By the way,  I took these photos on one five minute walk from hotel to the drugstore.
Did Canada invade?
A very thoughtful message about #fathersday #fathersdaygifts
“Once an athlete, always an athlete.” Who do you think will win the World Cup? #fifaworldcup #worldcup
#tbt to FaceTiming with my dog Peggy.
Do you like clam chowder with a little shoulder?