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Happy birthday @benbarnes my brother from another class system! I'm so happy I found this random moment on a hard drive as I was lookin for another thing- I think it perfectly summarizes you and I as we shot through #westworld Season 1 together.
This was 2 years ago from the first karaoke jam that @evanrachelwood invited us to. We'd knocked twice and waited a bit (Evan was on a killer Benatar run downstairs) and weren't sure how to proceed.
We had this moment together countless times on set and always had our shared disorientation to cling to. Love ya, kid. #willogan

Happy "oh that's right we're tiny and irrelevant" day, friends xox!
‪It doesn't matter who drove the car- DonaldTrump's inability to condemn his radical terrorist base is what killed Heather Heyer.‬
I'd never even considered acting as a career until I read Buried Child in college. Before then I'd assumed theatre was about loving the spotlight and speaking to friends like a chimney sweep. Sam Shepard showed me there's potential for poetry on every level... writing, performance, direction and design. He let me know some characters hate the spotlight. He showed me that there are some ridiculous and cool-as-hell ways to tell the truth.
Dear Sam,
Thanks for swingin by the rock for 70 years and changing things for the better forever. 
I love you, dude.
Oh captain, my captain.
Black, white & blue reunion.
❤️ @evanrachelwood @benbarnes 
‪Gettin ready to convene with the wickedly wonderful @shannonwoodward for #Westworld at #sdcc!‬
Friday morn, me and #Psych do it like thisssss...
If you didn't see this hilarious show from 2003 ya gotta find a way to dig it up. Found this DVD when I was cleaning boxes. It stars wickedly funny folks like #kristenwiig pre #snl  @lancekrall and #davidhornsby (Rickity from IASIP). It's like Big Brother but all of the housemates are actors... EXCEPT FOR ONE who has no idea he's a mark for the entire season. It's way more funny than mean and the guy is real sweet and a good sport. #thehutchlives
Got to head up to Milwaukee and see two of my favorites @ericp19 & @jennyflack get hitched then dance around with their own homemade favorite. Joy. #trueloveabides
Been skatin with this kid since the mid 90s. 
Couldn't be more stoked for your new adventure, @spiceonrice76. You're gonna drop the sensation on Saint Croix, my friend.