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#Alabama 18-24 year olds! I made this for ya. Cuz I love you guys. I love your potential. I even love that you don’t know how powerful you are. Politics is one thing... but, more importantly, there’s right and wrong. Roy Moore thinks other humans are disposable, and he doesn’t believe you guys have the power to stop him. YOU DO. We believe in you. 
Tomorrow your only mission: VOTE for Doug Jones. 
Thank you, friends. Xox
#erasethehate 🎶’FLOWERS’ Plants and Animals
Lucky grab. Zero filtrations.
#Wormwood! This short series will blow your mind. I barely walk through a scene in it but I’m intensely honored to have just shared space with an American master like Errol Morris. My father showed me ‘Gates of Heaven’ when I was 12. His innovations in documentary filmmaking made things like ‘Serial’ and ‘The Office’ possible and allowed to participate instead of merely watch his subjects. He’s blended his own style with amazing actor’s performances and created a masterpiece for #Netflix. Please enjoy, friends.
Friends! I’m honored to be a part of the essential #EraseTheHate movement. Look who else is gonna help spread the word!
Love ya, #DuléHill.
Thanks @gq for havin me at your #gqmenoftheyear party! Thanks to whichever nihilist is working there that sent me the invite! 📷Michael Kovac
Love these boys. What a dream to create a story with @ericp19 & @michaelanastasia at IOWest tonight. More, please.
#blackmirror returns 12/29/17!

I’m still stunned I’m a part of this brilliant series. Can’t wait for everyone to see. It’s real special.
‪I’ll be improvising with the jaw-droppin geniuses @mikelanastasia & @ericp19 Thursday 12/7- 8pm at IO West. No idea why they’re letting me. Or why they chose this picture. Gonna be rad. :)‬
My buddy @stevierosen texted me at 5am to tell me today is the 10 year reunion of the Broadway opening of Aaron Sorkin’s THE FARNSWORTH INVENTION. Got me thinkin about the confluence of things that landed an unknown character  actor the title role in Sorkin’s epic play about the inventor of television. Countless things, of course. But a few stuck out. First, they were testing it at La Jolla theatre so that kept the fancy actors at bay. Also, @sharonbialy was casting and she’s brought me in for everything since we met in 2001. Love you, Sharon. Also, as I was preparing for the audition that week, I saw a copy of Mamet’s ‘True & False’ which I’d never read (didn’t go to a drama school) but had heard of. I read it that afternoon and a lot of it made sense and helped fire me up. Thank you, sir. And finally, Sorkin gave an unknown guy an incredible opportunity. It was a vote of confidence from a literary hero of mine and I’m eternally grateful. I wasn’t good enough yet- but my god I tried. I care so much for this play. I met new friends I now love deeply and would trust with my life. Thank you @sharonbialy @stevierosen @missbrucemckenzie @stephanieatlan @ortlieb @shriverrooney & the rest of the cast and crew that made this play and my life better. The clip above’s from a video I made for the gang a year after we closed. If you’re into NYC theatre you’ll see a buncha pals. I kept the song of #Westcoast cuz- 2000’s.
#InternationalDayOfPersonsWithDisabilities 💗
I spent 8 summers of my childhood at the integrated disabled/non-disabled program at #campmerryheart. Yes, initially because my mom (the misty-eyed angel above) worked there and it was nearly free but still- I learned that each body on this earth has a person on the inside looking out... no matter how they are or are not able to express themselves to you. 
There’s endless communication in acts of compassion. Thanks, Ma.

Bless you, heroes with more difficult lives than most. XOX
Friends! I don’t post much stuff about a project while filming... but I must show you all the precious face of the director that’s been guiding me through one of my most difficult and rewarding roles ever. This is @shinybootz - we met on Newsroom, then he did OJ while I did WW. We’ve teamed up again for UNSOLVED: THE MURDERS OF TUPAC AND THE NOTORIOUS BIG. We’re almost done with the series and I cannot wait for you all to see it. 
Anthony Hemingway... you are simply brilliant. ❤️❤️❤️
🎶All I Know
by @realwashedout