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Head to my Twitter @jimmisimpson for a link. :)
I’m incredibly proud to be a part of Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious BIG.
Thank you for the ecstatic public and critical support and thanks to every friend that’s reached out. The true telling of this story is essential and overdue. USA is streaming the first 3 if you missed em and wanna catch up before next Tuesday.
Recorded this for @iamsteveharveytv after I visited his show to chat about #UnsolvedUSA. If you couldn’t tell... the man is as cool and kind as he seems. 
Also, have you seen the Def Comedy Jam 25th anniversary special on Netflix? It’s a trip and it’s hilarious and Steve made my heart swell up talkin about the great Bernie Mac.
‪NEW #UnsolvedUSA at 10!
‪I asked @shinybootz to talk over the next scene when he had a moment. After he got his shot who walked over to me and said “freeze” then took this shot. ‬
‪I love you, Anthony Hemingway.‬
‪Hope ya dig it tonight, everybody.‬
A special thanks to @appleofhisai for her beautiful representation of B.I.G.’s mom, Voletta, in #UnsolvedUSA.
And do yourself a favor and watch the ‘Underground’ episode “Minty”- she brings Harriet Tubman back to life under the direction of @shinybootz and it is brilliant.
THIS man. 
@shinybootz took each actor by the hand and lead them through his vision for #Unsolved - on top of executing the most artful biographical narrative ever on TV. Anthony Hemingway...
I LOVE YOU ❤️♥️❤️
Everyone please enjoy his work and brilliance- starting tonight at 10. 
Det. Russell Poole 
#unsolvedusa starts showing you everything tonight at 10. Hold tight.
My stunning lady @sophiadelpizzo and I at the premiere of #unsolvedusa.
Me and my crew. So much love and work poured outta this bunch for #unsolvedusa. We share it tonight, friends. Xo
@bustarhymes did it up for us at the #unsolvedusa premiere... check it.
Y’all ready??
See y’all tonight at 10 on @usa_network.
1 night away. Hold tight.