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This dreamy human somehow got dreamier by having her first skate lesson. You’re a natural @sophiadelpizzo ❤️
Yessssssss. Tonight at 8:30 and every Thursday at Bar Lubitsch.
#Westworld finale! Woooow. Another gorgeous season of other-level storytelling. #dolores #elsie #william @evanrachelwood @shannonmwoodward
Here’s to a gentle pause during difficult times and the beings that remind you to appreciate them. 
Thanks for turning me on to 🎶theStranglers @sophiadelpizzo Xox
Kindly @vulture put me in the same article as my current favorite TV star @jvn - month made. #qe 
The article’s on my Twitter :)
Thanks so much @elleusa and @ectannenbaum - always a pleasure chattin with y’all. 
The article’s up on my Twitter, friends. 
My dad does things like make April fools day videos with me to convince his grandkids we have super powers. 
Bud Simpson is by far the greatest man I’ve ever met. He co-piloted raising 3 boys like an ace. We couldn’t tell the difference between broke and flush because of all the love. He taught us right wrong through action, not speeches. Half of everything I am is because of him and I couldn’t have picked a more giving tree to fall from.
Also, thanks for the memories, Jen Cole.
‪This. ‬
‪I get to help my dearest friend articulate his filmic vision and we start today. Love and art. And blood effects. #Treehouse‬
‪@JamesRoday ‬
Got to spend #pride day watching two glorious men get engaged with @sophiadelpizzo by my side. I couldn’t be luckier. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thank you @stevennorfleet & @shinybootz!!! 🌈💕 #NorWay #thotsonyachts
This happened today and it was amazing. ❤️
@stevennorfleet @shinybootz - you’re both perfect. Congratulations! You’re meant to be. 
#engaged #norways #thotsonyachts
Ferndell was quack-alackin today, you guys. #griffithpark
This is Miranda @parkinart ! She came to our #usscallister #blackmirror event tonight and brought these badass t-shirts she made for the whole Callister gang. With her hands!!!Thank you, Miranda!