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Sage thrasher eggs, vesper sparrow eggs and chick, horned lark egg, mourning dove egg, ever present pronghorn and a white-tailed jackrabbit. One more day in the field and I’m headed to Chicago for the weekend!
First days doing migratory bird surveys included seeing a sage grouse courtship display. I guess it was impressive enough - this one male had four females following him around.
Getting sunburned on Med Bow Peak.
When your bartender brings the kids to the bar... #wyomingnightlife
Took some of my coworkers to my favorite hidden Wyoming spot, Fremont Canyon.
Try to spot the rattlesnake. It got itself a good spot to wait out a coming rain storm.
The meerkats of the west and a slightly blurry charismatic carnivore.
Found a horned lizard poking out from under the sage while doing noxious weed surveys today.
First day in the field doing biological surveys for my new job. I’m pretty damn happy tracking the flora and fauna out here.

I got hired for a summer job on Friday, so while I’m in paperwork limbo I decided to finally build the bed frame I’ve been thinking about for a long while.

I spent the long weekend with my extended Korean family watching So Yeon get her masters from the ILR school at Cornell and proving dad style knows no cultural limits.
Impromptu trip to see my sister and her wife in Jackson led to seeing how far I could make it up Static Peak in spring conditions. With heavy spring melt, a fresh avalanche debris field, and an aloof moose.

#gtnp #aloofasshit #staticpeak