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Got to help out with an avy 1 field day today. With proper blizzardy conditions.
I窶囘 find an excuse to get to Portland from Wyoming for this. I have a flight voucher burning a hole in my pocket. @cry_wolves @tina_lugo13 
Back from Utah, training on toboggans for ski patrol. Flying to Florida to see family tomorrow. This winter break that I had not planned much for worked itself out pretty okay 泗
Not so much #vanlife as #hatchbacklife
What a board game habit looks like.
South western Utah: where any season is only 30 miles away.
Limited visibility out in the desert.
Happy New Year. 
A backpack full of gear fell out of my car and got swooped up... .
...but I had it insured! Here窶冱 the start of a shiny new rack. 
Spontaneous day trip to the Creek. Way too much driving, but it was so nice to be back in the Utah desert.
Trans-Wyoming climbing tour. Summited the Grand, Devils Tower, and explored Fremont Canyon - all in clouds of forest fire haze.

#devilstower #durrance #owenspalding #fremontcanyon #thegrand #gtnp #wyoming
沽 #mtslesse