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Climbing Disappointment Peak in the Tetons with Katie in between helping her move to Boise.
Trying to get a pitch in before it starts storming.
Ran my first 'official' ultra marathon yesterday (also my first race ever). I exceeded all of my expectations for about 40 miles, then crashed HARD on the last 5 miles and literally limped across the finish. 
I can honestly say I have never seen a wooden culvert before.
This is the first moose I've seen that decided to investigate the climbers at Vedauwoo 
Glissading is way better than running. 
Andrew at the chains on 'Big House'. A pretty burly climb, originally sandbagged at 5.7.

On the runout (but easy) exit of our morning warm-up 'Middle Parallel Space'.
Sunrise solstice climbing! I'm aiming to bookend the longest day of the year, climbing at sunrise and sunset. It's tempting to blow off classes and do something big with all the daylight, but this is my responsible compromise.

#summersolstice #vedauwoo #responsibilitiesandshit
My first time exploring Blair in Vedauwoo. Katie on 'Baobab Tree'.
It's a good day for cloud identification practice. 
#cumulus #lenticular #altocumulus #cirrocumulus #altostratus
Moose project lab work. We give kits to hunters when they get their moose hunting tags and ask they donate kidneys to us. By measuring the amount of fat surrounding their kidneys, we get one impression of the health of the moose.