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& just laugh it all off.
Okay, here’s my (not-so-complicated) plan for #2019:
Be more organized, make sure to take out my camera around, read more, support locals (must!), do what i want and enjoy to do, appreciate every little things, take care of myself, and always be grateful. 
So tell me, what’s yours?
Suatu waktu di Bandung, 2018. Meresapi ramai dengan es kopi di tangan. 📷 XA2 #KCP200 #filmviny
Beautifully made.

#singgihkartono #abieabdillah #bintarodesigndistrict2018
Segera datang, semoga secepat kilat.

I miss you, Miki. 💫
At least we survived another Monday. 🌹
When you know where your heart belongs...