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Morning play time with my girl before work
Redoing the music “studio” so instruments are invading the house #musicalfamily
When Kaity was pregnant we had to swap to driving instead of taking the train to work. My cars AUX didn’t work so we always listen to the radio. So it was Classic FM every morning during pregnancy. Seems like we have already settled Bethel’s favourite type of music! #classical #classicfm
Teaching her good taste in TV early 😜 #doctorwho #whovian
The studio is coming together 🙂🎸🎻🎧 #strat #cello #classicalguitar
Making my own pickles. Thanks for the gift @caokely!! #homesteading #pickles @picklesmithkit
Our first family Christmas! Hope everyone had a lovely day. Love from John, Kaity and Bethel
My new album to help you sleep is out now (it was written for and tested by my daughter) iTunes, Spotify, everything. This christmas get someone the gift of good sleep 😴 Link 👉@pianokely #newmusic #sleepmusic #christmasgiftidea
First time not being on the team of carols in about 10 years (from cameras to keys)...had to sneak something in somewhere. Intro music by @pianokely 😜 #carolsinthepark
Of course a true north music song is my most played #spotifywrapped
Today I finished the whole Bible... highly recommend this app: ReadScripture. Each book has 1-2 explanatory videos summarising the book to give you extra context. Only takes 51 weeks if you do it every day but took me 18 months 😜

Great way to increase your understanding! Check it out
So proud of my wife. An absolute warrior through all of labour and lovingly feeds and settles our baby even through long sleepless nights. Bethel is blessed to have such an amazing mum!