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Finally got around to sticking up the initials for our house and we’ll need a new one soon 😜 👶
Today I drunk vanilla rooibos listened to walking out on the water - two of many things I wouldn’t be able to do if it weren’t for you @joshdblackwell 
Will miss our writing sessions and making perfect mixes one “smidge” adjustment at a time

Have learned so much about music life and faith from journeying with you and hope to hear heaps about your next adventure!

PS this is not the photo I originally chose but @kaitokely thought it was too good to not use 😂
Set//Apart #praise #truenorthmusic @tnyperth @truenorthya
New EP out now on itunes! #newmusic #setapart #truenorthmusic
Making music is definitely fun. But I wouldn’t call it simple... 😜 49 tracks so far... #newmusic coming soon.
Coming in 2035 my first short film... #cinematographypractice #wejustwentonawalk
Just threw some capsicum seeds from a grocery bought capsicum in the ground a year or two ago. Barely even remembered to water it. Not bad garden, not bad. #accidentalveggies #growyourfood
Running out of thyme... nothing new there 😜
We love our little baby so much. It couldn’t stop wriggling during the ultrasound.

Can’t wait to meet you in person, little sprout!
Concept art from the critically acclaimed short film “Square Wheel”, debut work of John Okely #pixarwannabe #3danimation #uni
Always a blast recording the podcast with @thepieman4 ... even when the stream gets taken over by troll spammers #sorryeveryone #podcastlife
Things you don’t see on stage: all the time spent practicing, running around getting gear together, late nights, early mornings. But it’s all worth it 🙂 thanks to all who helped was an honour to serve with you.