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lhs '19
Mark 16:15
Wannabe singer/musician

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Random person from school- “Why do you do your hair like that? It’s so weird and messy.” Me- “Well, I’m weird and messy. So I figured I’d do something that matches my personality.” -
My new YouTube video is up! Link in bio.
Aspire to inspire before we expire.
I hate snow.
Newest addition to the family. 😍♥️
My music will tell you more about me than I ever will.
Everything worth doing starts with being scared.
Go check out my new video! Link in bio.
Pumpkin carving went well. All that was missing was Chris
I uploaded another video and the links in mi bio
#youtube #LaVieEnRose
All I need is you♥️
#dronestagram #dronevid #MyBfIsCoolerThanYours
It’s almost Halloween 🎃🎃🎃 I uploaded another YouTube video yesterday! The link’s in my bio if you haven’t already watched it.
#Halloween #HalloweenMakeup #YouTube #Music #IPutASpellOnYou
I posted a new YouTube video! So if you haven’t seen it already.... GO WATCH IT! (Link in bio) I’m gonna start posting at least once or twice a week now! So if you like this video go ahead and subscribe! #YouTube #MakeYouFeelMyLove #LinkInBio