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losing my life to find what cannot be lost

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This is a time when the world needs more prophets and poets; to feel the breath of God and the sigh of humanity, to show us who we are and who we should be. We need more drawings in the sand, to be known for love and mystery. We need more of the child in us, to kneel in meekness and unity
There are some mornings that only appear after the fog, there are some songs that only come through suffering, there are some tears which only fall from laughing, there are some questions only understood through surrender, there are some miracles which only appear inside the fire. The older I get, I'm learning to be more malleable than cynical of these reminders. I'm learning that it's more than just seeing everything through God, but also seeing God in everything. There is a love that is more powerful than the sun and there is a hope that is nearer than the night. Even if darkness and suffering covers us till morning comes, we are all moving closer to a dawn that's already come
How is it that we know the cry of our own children from every other cry.  Parents who have more than one child, you know exactly what I mean. How amazing is it that crying is communicating? That a sound so generic like a groan - sometimes guttural, sometimes nasal, without words, melody or rhythm - still be so familiar to us, be recognized from all the other cries that we hear and carry so much meaning. 
Then there's my picture of the ultimate parent, the Father of all, who hears every cry from the beginning to the end of time and knows when it's you & me. That thought alone makes me cry! :)) Maybe you can tell that we have been full of tears lately- please keep us in your prayers, especially over little Emma's health
Until recently I thought I understood love that's unconditional. How I wonder, God must look and smile at it all... I don't think He's the "I told you so" type. I don't think He plays the "you're too young to understand" card. (As a father, I've fallen terribly short in how many times my response has been the opposite of what I believe God to be). Maybe how God comes to us is more like how the dawn meets the horizon; morning doesn't arrive violently but by bleeding light till darkness becomes daybreak. Like how the ocean meets the shore; that something so vast humbles itself to be contained by the smallest of things- grains of sand. Like the rainbow after the storm; how the very air that screamed with wind & water glows over the sky when the sun shines through. I thought I knew love, but if it comes so easily, freely, naturally, maybe it has more to do with me and less of God. As I cradle my son who doesn't share my biology, I think he's giving me a better understanding of agape, Calvary, a love that's not of me
Dear friends, we are humbled & excited to share that after years of praying & waiting, God has added to our family! As I write this we have two toddlers lying between us in bed :))) Meet our new 3 year old boy- Jackson. Even though he has gone through so much heartbreak with death & abandonment in his birth family, we are so thankful that God would bind us to be his parents and keep covenant between us over his forever. Please pray for us over his mind (for emotional healing) & body (he has a serious but treatable sickness), that grace would redeem all the time that has been lost, and bond us together in unconditional love
I've never prayed that my child would be a 'world changer'. It's not that I'm against it- I think it's beautiful to see that kind of promise & possibility in a life, as we should. But at a time when the expectation of grandeur is engrained like grammar, 'making a difference' isn't my parenting prerogative- as much as loving those who are different. No, my prayer isn't that my child would change the world... but that I would know humility and the ones in disguise changing me
Every day love wakes us up in pursuit of people; there is no distance too far, no sacrifice too great, no need too grave, no person beyond hope of being loved back to life. I don't know if it always has to be hard, but we said goodbye to easy when we said yes to good. Whether it is here in the sub-Saharan or to the flooded suburbs of Houston to the devastated villages from Sierra Leone to Bangladesh, I pray we keep searching for the one and laying our lives down // 📹thanks to our dear friend @verne for this video
Whether it is in the land-of-the-free or here among the lowest of humanity (deemed by the index of the developed world), every day is a dance between two choices - subvert or surrender. In an age when fear & hatred are trumpeted as free speech, civil religion is lord and leaders show 'n tell with nuclear arsenal, nations with moral high ground sanction state executions and maintain world peace- the scaffolding of the human system is ours to (re)build. Blessed are those who hope and subversively practice the promise of Heaven on earth- where the last shall be first, refugees belong, and all of creation rises with wings of the dawn // We are so thankful for this widow who ministered peace to our hearts even as we mourned the death of her grandchild
We've been here before so many times and it never gets any easier.. time only binds the love we leave deeper. I've been learning more about the Moravians of the middle-ages, and how they packed their coffins along where they set out. What a witness! So here we stand with our one-way plane tickets and surrender, because Love is the end in itself. There is no contingency, insurance policy, exit strategy. The Cross before me, the world behind me
Keeping family traditions alive :))) our first date was a walk along the Pacific, our wedding was by the coast, and now we got to introduce Emma to saltwater, swells & surf
From everyone I've met across cultures, creed & character, I keep finding the most attractive attribute of a person to be the measure of their humility. In a world where the wise, the famous, the gifted and the powerful are rather common, it is a rare thing to find the humble. Have you ever met someone with such meekness, like all they saw was the image of God in you? The ones who hold a different beauty standard than the sight dovetailed by fitness & fashion. The eyes that define greatness by gentleness instead of strength. The hearts that became full by letting go instead of getting more. In a world of white picket fences, thank goodness for the flowers that can't be fenced
I'm so humbled that I get to share the title of family beside these beloved souls who are a living reminder daily of the grace of God in my life. This munchkin turned 2 years old today🙈