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Mama of Sylvan Becker 🇺🇸🇭🇰
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I’m starting to teach Sylvan responsibilities and do chores at this very young age. I think at the age of three, she’s capable of understanding things in a more logical way. And will also understand that when she’s told to do something and she doesn’t do it, she’ll get into trouble. Responsible, obey and respect are three big things in our family. 
Even though she’ll say no to me from time to time. But I’m happy to say that she’s doing good in most aspects. She loves to help me in the kitchen and tries hard to not make messes. Because she knows mummy is a clean freak. And I think I might be raising another one too.....🤪 #sylvanbecker #36months #mummyslittlehelper #mumlife
Second birthday cake for my baby’s 3rd birthday 🎂🎈 Lemon 🍋 coconut cake 
Rose🌹buttercream with lychee filling 🤤
Fresh edible flowers, macarons, cotton candy and edible gold flakes for decoration. 
#sylvanbecker #36months #birthdaycake #homemadebirthdaycake #mamabaker #freshflowercake #cakestagram
My baby turned THREE today!! She is a little lady who loves to cook, wash dishes (yup! wash dishes), loves going to Starbucks 😅, loves to get pretty, almost everything that I used to picture myself doing with my daughter one day, she’s doing it with me everyday. She’s my perfect little companion. And she’s a very nice and sweet girl. Always care and think about her family and friends. Daddy was away for two weeks, she missed her daddy so much. Daddy’s heart was melted when he came home today. Not just the heart but the whole person melted into a puddle 🤣 Happy birthday my sweet baby girl 😘 #sylvanbecker #36months #happybirthday
Daddy coming home is her best birthday present 💝 
#sylvanbecker #36months #happybirthday
My baby is going to be THREE in two days!!!! Where did the time go??? 🤷🏻‍♀️ #sylvanbecker #35months #forevermybaby
If you know me well you’ll know that I’m a matcha freak. I’ve been trying to find an authentic matcha dessert place in Dallas for a while. At last!! Look at Sylvan’s face then you’ll know how delicious their matcha ice cream was 🤤 They have three levels of matcha ice cream. I would have picked the strongest kind but I didn’t want to pay the price of my child staying up all night 🤣

#sylvanbecker #35months #matchaholic #planotx #dallasfoodie
Haven’t bought earrings for a very long time. One day all in a sudden I just wanted to buy some. Just like when you crave for ice cream but I was craving for earrings 🤷🏻‍♀️. I started to search and search for nice and cute ones but it was not easy. Then one day some very cute earrings appeared on my Facebook feed. The best thing was they weren’t expensive at all! Today they came in the mail. I was very excited to put them on. And, they look great! 😍

@baublebar #baublebar #earrings #mommydaughter #sylvanbecker #35months
Sylvan and I love to explore around new places. Shopping and food are our favorite. Legacy West was worth the drive. We especially loved the Legacy Hall. It’s a three story artisan food court. We just wanted to eat everything there 🤤

#sylvanbecker #35months #legacywest #legacyhall
Helped mummy to make her dinner 🍴 She listened very well for instructions and did exactly what she was told. Makes me proud 😘 #sylvanbecker #35months
High tea princess 👑 ALERT
“Don’t eat yet. Let’s take pictures first”
“Ok mummy!”
Holding up a macaron...
“Don’t eat yet!”
“Ok cheeeeese”
Mouth opening......
YummYummm 🤤
.#sylvanbecker #mummydaughterday #35months #hightea
She loves Starbucks as much as mummy does 🤤 #sylvanbecker #35months #starbucks
My girly daughter wanted some earrings 😍 #sylvanbecker #35months #mummydaughterday