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Another one from my @mensjournal story. 
These kind of shoots can be a bit of a drag but hanging out with @mschwartzphoto in the swamps was a great experience. Sitting down and going deep with a real mensch in #brettmartin was far from feeling like work. I also got my hands on his incredible New Orleans food list.. The man knows his shit... Styling as always by the great @ilariaurbinati
Thank you @mensjournal for putting my face on your cover this month. Loved hanging out in the bayou with
@mschwartzphoto . Brett Martin wisely brought some aquavit to the interview. Absolutely the correct way to get a Swede talking.
Glad midsommar gott folk 🇸🇪🌞🇸🇪 Happy midsummer peoples!!!
It was such an honor to get to introduce president @barackobama at @brilliantmindssthlm the other night. Standing backstage listening to the amazing @gretathunberg I was almost in tears. For two reasons. First: the clarity in which she lays out the problems we’re facing is so devastating. Second: I had to follow her!
Repost from @tpw_foundation The largest cleanup in history Save The Ocean and The Blue Bucket Campaign! 💙 Single-use plastics, or disposable plastics, are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. These items are things like plastic bags, straws, coffee stirrers, soda and water bottles and most food packaging. Use this #bluebucket for the rest of your life 💪
# ocean #plasticbag #singleusedplastic #savetheocean #bluebucket
Join me, @dr.sylviaearle and @tpw_foundation in the #bluebucket campaign. We’re going to enlist the worlds biggest fleet & private boat owners to start getting plastic out of our oceans. #bluebucket #savetheocean
One day I’ll be the new Steven Seagal.
At the range with my great friend and teacher @kevinlvance and Lele the Italian stallion. Easing into that squad preppppp.... thanks @tarantactical for letting us use the range!
Puppy love
#tb to Mexican magic with my brothers
Let me know if you need a hand. 👋🏼 Last day of shooting #secretswekeepfilm