Meet me at the COMIC CON @deathsaves Streetwear launch kicking off July 19th at 1pm at BAIT, San Diego

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@deathsaves LAUNCH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loading in for the @deathsaves launch today at 1pm at BAIT, San Diego #deathsaves #deathknight #comiccon #bait #dungeonsanddragons
Joe & Silent Bob

@deathsaves x @comic_con
On the @comic_con @IMDb yacht for the @deathsaves launch
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Getting ready! @deathsaves gear early drop tomorrow. Come see me at @baitme #DnDSDCC #wotcstaff
My man @tyliner representing for @deathsaves ・・・
“I climbed up the Devil’s Backbone searching for the one they call Kargoth the Betrayer and found nothing but a smoldering ruin upon the summit. I now traverse the treacherous mountains towards the sea where he lies in wait, treasures in hand.”
#SDCC18 #deathsaves #dnd
JOIN ME tomorrow at 1pm at BAIT, San Diego for the launch of my streetwear line @deathsaves featuring exclusive COMIC CON collaboration pieces with Dungeons & Dragons only available in store TOMORROW! Be the first kid on your block with a DEATHKNIGHT windbreaker jacket. “The most metal thing you can buy at SDCC” 
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Big up my homies @dieselboy & @joemanganiello on their new clothing line @deathsaves which launches this Thursday @baitme #ComicCon. Check their site! Lots of dope metal gear, also some stuff from the @dndwizards classics. 👑 I’ve been inspired by their collection lately, which has me digging thru mine! #45s #7inch #Vinyl #Records #Metal #DungeonsAndDragons #DnD #BaitMe #DeathSaves ⚡️🤘🏼⚡️
Big shout out to the @architects_of_destruction for this @deathsaves Well of Tiamat! Can’t wait to spring this on my campaign next week... 🔥🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🔥
Logo for an upcoming @deathsaves piece by @funeralfrench
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Wow @esterlinaarts always blows my mind with her attention to detail. Stencils for the @baitme @deathsaves launch this week! @dndwizards #sdcc #dnd
Another reminder that I am launching my streetwear line @deathsaves with @dieselboy and this THURSDAY the 19th at @baitme in San Diego during @comic_con! I will be manning the registers from 1PM - 3PM. Please stop by and get your hands on the very first pieces available to the public including our collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons! And then on FRIDAY the 20th we will be opening up the interdimensional portal and our magical items will be available to you - first come first served! Please register your email with us on our website to make sure you are in the know 😎 We are pumped and can’t wait to get you looking good. #savagesavesofdeath