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I know it’s not Thursday, but I will use any excuse to post a young, hot #tbt. Especially to wish my first hubs,  @stevehowey a very happy birthday! Love you Steve! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I promise my golf swing is better than my double 🙌🏻 🙌🏻! But @t_meek_ had his work cut out for him. I shared all the details of my first golf lesson on @thehappyplace if you’re interested in following what (i believe) is the start of my new career in professional golf. Or at the very least my new hobby. BUT if you play with me, you play by my rules: 1. We don’t count shots! 2. We don’t count drinks! Who’s in?!?’
There isn’t a day that I don’t thank the universe for having you in my life @stephaniehartlevinson...I love you SO much and with every dream realized, baby born, and simply everyday that goes by I’m just so thankful to have a best friend like you. I love you so much...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
How do you caption a photo when it really says it all? Mercury is in retrograde and s*** is about to get real. Oof. And to those who have showed up for me in the last few weeks, you fill my heart with so much joy and gratitude ❤️ ...that’s starting with you @yourboyswish ❤️... #Repost @theeverygirl ・・・
Mantra for a new week🙌 || graphic by @wctherapygroup
🍒Can’t stop, won’t stop! The 4th may be over, but I’m rolling into the weekend with my delicious summer sangria! Head over to @thehappyplace for my simple recipe! 🍒
🇺🇸4th of July at the most magical (and hottest) place on earth 🇺🇸 @waltdisneyworld , you never disappoint!
Just a low key PSA that my FAVE kids brand @oeufnyc teamed with my other FAVE kids curation destination @thedopple (basically where I buy ALL of the girl's clothes) to offer a limited Oeuf x Dopple Drop personalized to each person's style and kiddo's size for one week only. Head to for all the deets + a code to try the experience gratis :)
My #MCM goes out to my ❤️ @graysonmargolis. G, i love you so much and I’m so proud of you. Watching your dreams come true makes my heart so full. Happy birthday my 🌟!!!!
Cheyenne and I have a lot in common. One of my favorite things is that we have gone through most of our major life moments with @melissapeterman by our side ❤️ Cheyenne, would sometimes get pissed about it...but I wouldn’t have it any other way ❤️ I love you so much, Mel! Happy Birthday! 🎉🎁🎂 Also, Van’s ‘confused face’ and Reba’s ‘Is this s*** really happening?!’ face are still two of my favorite things! @stevehowey @reba
My sweet, spunky, silly, and DELICIOUS little nugget is 3 today. Sailor, you have make me laugh like no other,  keep me on my toes (since day 1 🤪), and fill my heart in ways I didn’t know were possible. I love you so much and watching you grow up brings your daddy and I so much joy. Happy Birthday, Sai!!!❤️
‘Family isn’t always about blood. It’s the people in your life that want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile & who love you no matter what’ - Happy Birthday @thebaubshow ❤️ We love you!
We found this little baby turtle in our swimming pool struggling to stay afloat. Any turtle lovers out there? What is the best thing I can do to help this little baby? We have a lot of hawks circling our yard daily...I’m afraid to just let her go! Any advice would be greatly appreciated...unless you tell me to just leave it in the yard and if a hawk gets it, it gets it 🙄 I’m not really down with that. Hoping to give ‘Shelley’ the best chance to survive in the wild!