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Stand up Comedian, Playboy, Rico suave’s owner, Philanthropist, Ferrari enthusiast, Prophet. The true iceman. Jamaican heritage & Orange mound molded.

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Went to the brooks museum today for an @weareunapologetic event. It was dope. Very cultured. Here’s a illegal mirror picture of me in art version of the nativity scene. Very rare...
Oh man you can’t beat the internet.
Crazy match ufc 229 was phenomenal. I’m not gonna front i only watched the highlights but still tho.
Psa: Don’t be wack 
Enclosed is my personal account of some of the slawness I witnessed last evening.  Remember don’t be wack gentlemen. Its agenda outchea to make sure y’all continue to grow In your wackness. I am Batman, I must help the weak.  Ps. This is not financial advice do your own research #yaboyjohnmiller #dontbewack #memphis #advice #bigbrotherfromanothermother #imheretohelp #godswork
It’s ya boy señor ugly mayne Professor finesse Larry Lamborghini the premier plumber the alpha and the blamma it’s ya boy don Juanito aka Jonny millionaire aka baby beretta  aka The avatar’s avatar aka rum Rodriguez aka the pirate George Washington aka Usain Bolt’s father aka bitcoin Willy aka long John platinum aka Jason Andre zillionaire aka Jedi Master papa john aka Martin Luther X sr aka dime lover Ferrari pusher aka NEO aka lil ego gawd
When you barley know the lyrics + no natural singing talent + tone deaf = if you think you’re lonely now by a John Miller
Don’t be wack mini episode #1
How to check like a Memphis nigga 101  Doing God’s work here!
When I see those make up deconstruction videos and I see the magic these women perform to look like a great value Kardashian
Join my masterclass today for only $💯
How do I help him?
Collect this rare youth image of the prophet.  #phenonmenallyrare  #notavailableinstores #alienhead #humble #throwback #croppedoutmom
How I feel when someone asks me for advice
Salvation Army came through and dropped off a couple of things...