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I tell people my thoughts on stage. They laugh. I measure my success based on how many times I got your girl to giggle.

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My first worldstar worthy capture. These two young ladies are in an altercation, I believe, because some sort of disrespect. The video cuts off but our hero picks up an umbrella to further pummel our other hero. I was asked why I didn’t help.  In this case God wanted me to be a witness and not intervene. This was his work. This is a Natgeo special for downtown Memphis. #MLK50 #memphis #worldstar #jesus #alliwantedwaschicken
John miller solves the world’s problems: #ncaa
New Orleans is good to me.  #veryrare
endymion. @tannerwilkins22 #memphis #neworleans #mardigras  photo by: @pegangood
Just entered my rapper phase. Finna shit on all y’all rappers. Look at my raw cone stuffed to the max. Ya bitch is jockin... my foreign is sitting on 12s... im not even rocking my ice and I’m still drippin
Reminiscing about my childhood #reading #rainbow #childhood #bible #nappyhair #thursday
I stole this from @_mister.goose_  it’s hilarious
Rico SLAWve rides again. My dog can’t stop... won’t stop...
My gym pictures suck. How y'all convince your camera man to work out wit y'all
Rico is a battle cat #comedyheman
Ice dog.