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An unique simple feeling which holds you up through the clouds....
You know what Im talking about ..
. used :Brynzheel and Maped (from CA_JP )color pencils.
.Size: 10x15 cm
#tulips #rose #flower #love #art #freetime #feelingdeeplyhappy 
Have a lovely weekend 🌷
من برای با تو بودن 
پر عشق و‌خواهشم 
واسه بودن کنارت 
تو بگو ،فقط کجا !؟پر میشکم!!
Hi everyone !
Last night ,found a bit free time to finish this portrait and it is my first portrait work !ready to hear your opinion about that 😊🌷
My mom says : she is older version of Sonia ! Lol she s right !(and eyes are pretty big than  reference photo 😆😆😆)... .

Worked with ;acrylic paints 
Size ; 34x25 .
P.s: I'm not that much active recently ,sorry if I couldn't like your post etc...🙏
(have lots of homework )
I see how your attention builds
It's like looking in a mirror
Your touch like a happy pill
But still all we do is fear
What could possibly happen next?😕
Can we focus on the beauties?😕
Paint my kiss across your cheast
.If you're the #art !
.I'll be the #brush !
This is all about art ,heart,talent and Love ,❤🙏🌸
One of my prettiest dream just come true afew days ago ,and I'm so happy can finally share that with all of you art lovers 😊🙏
Was very incredible feeling during that (68hours )timeline !
Those colors and embroideries ,love them so much !
Size :50*70 
p.S : I ve bought the canvas about 9 months ago lol !
#carpet #persiancarpet #artlovers #love #freedom #colorful
@theunitlondon 🙏🌺
Very very nervous 
#stress #scaring_of_miss_up 
#pouuu #first_portrait_work 
#omg 🙏🙏🙏🙏😥😥🙈🙈🙈🙈🌸🌸🌸🌸
Hi !
My the biggest and the most special Mandala work is here ,in my mom's oficce's wall ...very appreciate to see that big circle on it 🙏
*Took my 2 weeks to finish it completely .
* worked with acrylic paints and soldering iron tool (in other hand I have to add that ,broke 3 iron tools 🙈) *size :R_90cm
And special thanks to those dear friends who helped me to find out the material and method (how to work on wood  because it was my first experience ) 
No word can describe your value ,...that how much you mean :you important in my life 
#mom #love #❤ #🌷
* #persian_carpet finally done ,
*It took more than sixty five(65) hours : 13 days *worked with gouache color on canvas
*And used 24 different colors *Size :50 cm * 70 cm
And I'm incredibly excited and happy for that work I ve done. ///and proud for the first time///(It was an unique experience during the coloring all of those embroideries ...)
🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 @carpets_antiques @aliamani_carpet @carpets_baku 
@farshkashani #sultanahmet @ghalikade
❤🌷 good morning 🙏
Wish you have a nice Sunday !
#sketch #sketchtree 🌳
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