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This old kudu bull chasing females early morning was a nice sight to see! Beautiful animals, next trip they are on the hit list for sure. #majestic #huntingafrica #greatwhiteholdings
Stalking Buffalo, ended up about 20 yards from a white rhino with a calf. Unbelievably big animals. Amazing! #whiterhino #huntingafrica
Nice big old bull, great dark colour. Beautiful animal. Just another day on #safari !!😁
Lucky enough to take one of these reed bucks after chasing a few nice ones around in the rut here in South Africa. #reedbuck #blaserr8
A beautiful group of common reed bucks. The white tail’s seem very familiar, so similar to our whitetails.
 Seen a few dandies the last few days on Safari. Searching for MR BIG🧐 #somerbysafaris #reedbuck #greatwhiteholdings
Another great start to a day on safari with #somerbysafaris 😁🌞
#huntafrica #greatwhiteholdings
Another look at this beauty from a few weeks back. Sad the wolf season is over for now... looking forward to January 2020!! If any of you are looking for a high success #wolfhunt contact us now or message me. Always happy to chat about any of our hunts in Alberta Canada.🐺🐺🐺
#greatwhiteholdings #huntalberta
At the range today with the R8. Ready to rock somethings world with the new 416REM barrel. A few options caliber wise with the #blaserr8 switch barrel system when we get rolling in SA. Time to shoot em up⚠️ #teamblaser #greatwhiteholdings #huntafrica
Looking forward to tromping around with these new #courtneyboots in Africa with my friends from #somerbysafaris this coming week!!! 🦁🐵🐗🐃🦏🦛🐘🦒
Adventures at wolf camp😬🐺
River = running water. 
Running water = thin ice.
Thin ice = truck gets f&$@ed up!
#notsohardwater #dangerzone #thinice
Along with the wolf hunting, some giant northerns being pulled from the ice🎣 all released however #catchandrelease #winefredlakelodge
Another one bites the dust! Great week in wolf camp #greatwhiteholdings 
Spaces are available for January, February 2020. Contact us for specific dates and dates.🐺🐺🐺