I'm doing 2 events for The Wolf, The Duck & The Mouse this Saturday in the LA area! 
1. 10am-noon at Pop Hop bookstore on York Blvd in Highland Park. Reading & drawing & signing & stuff! Bring the kids. 
2. 2pm-5pm at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra. Presentation & signing. They have a great bookstore & print shop also. 
Come say hi!
new/old book
turns out this is for a concert but for a second I thought someone was just posting pictures of Aaron Neville around & that was ok
spilled a whole thing of graphite powder on the rug today
these guys from a few years ago sold out to be on wine bottles but it's for New Seasons & they have a really good lunch counter so it's ok
proof time
old shooting targets from a book of folk photography
kind of wish the whole book looked like this - thanks to @jeremybotts for passing it on!
Isaac hasn't seen Raising Arizona - maybe he'll get into this later
also somewhere between Missoula and Butte
in an old prison-turned-museum between Missoula and Butte