I think in every book I've illustrated there's a page where the characters would be swearing if they were allowed to
got some good promo stuff in the mail for Square - comes out in May!
re-post from @gallerynucleus - this is the This Is Not My Hat blanket/wall hanging thing they have up for pre-order. Looks pretty nice in this room anyway.
found a nice old edition of it
choosing kind of arbitrary months to mark, but 8 of them is nothing to sneeze at
a small piece for @qwantz 's book about William Shakespeare wanting to punch a shark - an honor to be in it.
hey these blankets are for sale now! There's this one and a fish one and @gallerynucleus has em up for pre-order & they ship in March!
we have these coasters of places in Toronto & the zoo one is the worst picture of a zoo I've ever seen