the fridge-magnet package for the school pictures was pretty good.
just gonna put it out there that while Extra Yarn by @macbarnett & me isn't set specifically at Christmas, it does look the part. It wouldn't be a weird move to buy it for that reason. I don't think.
@mokee got a good one of Isaac & me & Sugar & Danny
pretty good rug
18 months yesterday so we finally gave him the keys - picture thanks to @russellterziak
some good stuff in Turtle Island Bookstore in Oakland over the weekend
new acquisition
what about a book just made up of pages from stories that didn't make it but are kind of funny on their own
proofs for a smaller board-book edition of this one - this is out in the UK today! North American release a little later on! Please keep buying the big one though, too. It is more expensive & better.