my good pals Josh & Niki run the best shops in Columbus Ohio & they're doing a story time with a high quality book at their store @cubshrub so if you live nearby you should go. You should go any other time too, really.
our friend Autumn @slugceramics showed us how to paint on these things a little while back & they came home all finished today
can't remember if I posted these - a few months ago Joe Scmhidt & me did a few weeks in a model shop to try a bunch of things out. This is a smaller toy version of an iceberg with penguins & a bear on it that my brothers and me made years ago. We made the animals with moldable cork Joe got in Japan - if you ever get a chance to use it, it's pleasant as hell.
Moranne got some film developed 📸
found today at a thrift store with no accompanying instructions. Info/theories welcome.