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Butterfly Effect, Okja (co-writer), So You've Been Publicly Shamed, Frank, Psychopath Test, Kubrick’s Boxes, Lost at Sea, Men who Stare at Goats, Them

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For a minute there
Me and @maeveinamerica saw this incredible sight in Hudson NY.
I just found this at the bottom of a Grayson Perry coffee mug and I think to some extent it’s good advice
Word got around that I have a sandwich
I’ve written the introduction to Chris Stein’s brilliant forthcoming book of photographs and in return he’s given me these two wonderful prints.
He wins
Floppy is pulling the socks from my feet. His sock fetish is getting reckless
Went to Las Vegas for our sequel to The Butterfly Effect and this is when we were landing. The loveliness of the desert doesn’t prepare you for what a fucking terrible terrible place Las Vegas is. Although I checked out of my hotel at 5am and the casino was buzzing with women in sparkly dresses and men who looked like Al Pacino in Scarface or James Dean in Rebel without a Cause and that was a great thing to see.
The Hudson turned into the Mississippi for a minute
I love this Chris Stein photograph of Basquiat before he really started out