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Josie is magnificent
Meet Shadow who is looking at the one she loves the most
I’ve taught Floppy to use his indoor voice
Decided to give Three Men and a Baby a shot
Excuse my language but it’s about fucking time I was in a TV quiz.
#springsteenonbroadway was so good. It’s a melancholic show. The upbeat moments are few and far between. Like when he’s talking about being on stage with Clarence, and he sings 10th Avenue Freeze Out. Without being overt about it, he was saying that being on stage is a tiny moment of euphoria in a life otherwise filled with concerns. BTW, I was in the very back row and I still had a perfect view.
It’s a town full of losers, I’m pulling out of here to win...
I ruined it by secretly filming her
Our last guest in our last ever I’m New Here! @johnhodgman