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My Okja plushy arrived! PS for those of you who asked, they're like gold dust. I couldn't get one for months and I'm the bloody co-writer.
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My show The Butterfly Effect made it - albeit uncredited - into the Times of India
Here I am as a young Robert Smith with my ex @msbethtaylor - in the center - thank you @jaytaylor for the pic
Fancy hotel corridor
With Joe Rogan NOW!
Sneaking backstage at the Hollywood Bowl as everyone left
Belle and Sebastian last night at the Hollywood Bowl playing my Belle and Sebastian gateway drug song, Stars of Track and Field. One of my favorite songs in my favorite place to see a band, and then I slipped backstage and took a picture. See next pic.
Very pleased with this tote bag reward for donating to the Poly Styrene documentary kickstarter
Vacationing. At this swimming pool Bruce Springsteen once met Ron Kovic and that's what gave him the idea to write Born in the USA EDIT Shut out the Light.
Another moment from Belle and Sebastian yesterday, which is not the only time I'll be seeing them this week, having got tickets to the Hollywood Bowl.
Belle and Sebastian tonight at Panorama on Randall's Island in the shadow of the Manhattan Psychiatric Hospital. Maybe the 6th time I've seen them. Love them every time.