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Journey Notes, November 2017
#demidiaries #poetry
Crooked teeth & Netflix quotes.
#art #drawing #quotes #shameless
Giving myself shade in the sun.
#art #drawing
I’m getting older every day and I’ll never feel as pure and innocent as I do right now. Loss is a true feeling, even if it’s loss of a feeling. And when you feel like you’ve lost a feeling you just want to feel, it’s like attaching yourself to emptiness when already full.
30 One Second Shots of a Family Trip to La Salette shot & edited by me.
#regream from @newriverpress
I am posting this because it is inspiring. 
Through my experiences on this platform and through daily life I am observing that many of us are struggling with social media addiction, many without recognizing or acknowledging the fact that we are being brainwashed to feel terrible. Our attention spans have become a product for profit. This black mirror in my hand I call My Phone is a tool that can be used for many great things, but if I am not careful and paying closely attention to MY MIND, MY MIND will have it’s attention taken from it.
I’m going to put the phone down and dance now.
When I’m not made into some sort of fantasy...
I’m quite human
I’m quite raw
I’m emotional
Never been quite what you’ve made me out to be -
Sometimes less,
Always more.
It’s almost a new year - how much longer are you going to let fear hold you back from all that is possible?
#writing #openjournal
...and what if we bought our way into heaven, would you work your whole life through?
#paint #meditation #art
I feel alive.
I’m still so young.
So much time is to come.
Will the fear succumb?
Will I hold back?
Will I run?