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My reaction earlier this year to “Cocktail” (1988) when my mom told me I was named after Tom Cruise’s love interest, Jordan. #demidiaries
I like this because it’s dramatic. Everyone go bump the new Grinch Movie soundtrack you will not be disappointed.
I like to paint things. Thanks, Greeno. Go getcha subs at @greeno_subs !
When you write so much you don’t know what to trust & think that thoughts don’t amount to anything much 
so what’s the point of writing them down just to go around 
In circles with the words inside your head 
So you decide to stop writing until you can’t & repeat it all again
Camel rides with @omaragueror shot by @lifewithoutajob 📸 TBH I cried at these Camels being slaves to humans but Omar made me suck it up
I wrote made this a year or so ago and it’s about praying for all the things that are already in front of you. It’s all up to you.
Temple in the Mountains. Captured and edited by me. Check out the link in my bio for more if ya want. #india #backpacking #leh #photography
I know this is my third time posting today but in honor of #mentalhealthday, here’s an excerpt of a diary entry some years ago regarding the fuZzy things.
Also, I finally started uploading photos from my trip to India. I’ll be posting more of them soon, but check out the link in my bio if you don’t want to wait.
I couldn’t help but snap a photo of this Woman admiring Tibetan art at a Buddhist Temple on the road to Leh, India. .
#india #leh #westenmass #photography