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This one is for Kylee for being 💯 since high school. From relay races to frozen margaritas it’s quite obvious you’re a homie for life. #grateful for the presence and laughter you bring into my life.
Friends who go upside down together stay together (this is just a catchy caption I’ve gone upside down with people who aren’t in my life anymore change is constant) lol anyways @nicoledoesnthaveaninsta
One year ago I spent one month in Rishikesh, India learning yoga with some of the strongest women I’ve ever met.
Y’all are probably wondering what’s going on in slide 5 it’s a sutra neti (nasel cleansing) we all tried to do it was #weirdbutworthit
#tbt to a beautiful time with even more beautiful souls on a day of rest during our 200hr YTT. I hope to run into you all on this planet real soon! #india #beatlesashram
When u roll up to the homies with a handful of treats #homesweethome🏡
Took a solo trip to Buffalo, NY last weekend to meet and learn handstand and acro stuff from these lovely souls @gypsyon__ and @pablos.perspective . I’m ultimately left wicked inspired by the hard work and dedication they put into their practice. If you want the come up, you gotta put the work in.
This planet is so beautiful and I’m grateful I get to wake up here another day.
Hello, Buffalo.
We’re all going to die eventually so why not chop your hair off and dye it pink.
“I could walk to hell and back and know I’d be alright” #todaysfeels
Walked into the room to guide my first class here, only to find a single soul, this cool cat Annie. I must not have wanted it any other way. Shout out to this familiar soul for showing up wherever I end up in this world.
If I would want 2 meet Annie and show up for urserlf: Next three Sundays 10AM, right here.