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Tattoo artist illustrator.
Liquidsky tattoos Nijmegen
Guest spot 20-24 nov @ für immer tattoo berlin
My travels @thedudo

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Bones ☠️
Nothing to wear for Halloween
Close up #lines
I forgot what number we're on... #inktober
Number 8 in the inktober series. I am 1 day behind in posting, I'll try to post number 9 tonight!
Question all authority. Number 7 in the inktober challenge, hope you like it. Did you question your authority today yet?
Day 6 of inktover! Small little drawing because I was working all day (and I know this was yesterday's, but I was working until late! 👍
Day 5 of oktober, I'm trying to up my lighting game. ✌️
So maybe a little late to the party, but I'm joining the #inktober festivities. And because I started late, I put some extra effort in it 👍
Two birds on a bottle of rosé on @sophievandenboogaard with @sarahhol
Little freehand snake filler
Rabbit foot filler 🐰