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4 years ago ish, @paul_sikes and I picked a random day in 2018 to have breakfast. We weren’t allowed to talk about it again, just had to show up. Today we both did. And this is the best day of my life. 😂 Music Row bro, you’re the best.
Love, the greatest threat to peace. Mere chaos. The storm before the calm. Peace, restored by Saturdays and books and a dog on the porch and a man walking by with his daughter on his shoulders. And birds. Love, correctly defined, mixed up somewhere in there. Maybe it doesn’t need to be a storm.
Tequila things
We did sing Off and On but we also sang Parked Out By The Lake, so
Tin Pan is almost as cool as my friends. #tinpansouth #nsai
Me amongst Black Riverers. Scott amongst females. Nikita amongst Americans. @annavaus, you’re the glue. See y’all there! #tinpansouth
extraordinary vs. ordinary. sometimes difficult to distinguish. happy Easter.
This is my cat. Windy. W-i-n-d-y.
I wore pink today
Pretty much the vibe of the evening. Thanks Maryland for the ample whiskey. Also I just feel like they’re watching me tune so supportively 😭 #feels
I do other stuff besides play at the listening room sometimes too ok. But anyway come to this.
Counting my blessings and these songbirds are at the top of the list