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The Official Sunflower of 2017. #byeeee
What a strange thing to watch this movie tonight and see yet again,
things have 窶彡hanged,窶
But so much has not. So much needs to still. #freeatlast
They say it窶冱 a 10 year town... and I窶冦 just over 9 in. Today, a friend gave me the masters from my first ever session that she found in her office (thanks @zoeyarborough) and I窶况e been having a moment ever since. I was 14 years old, was just signing at Sea Gayle, and had no idea what a wild ride this would be, sometimes feeling like everything is falling into place and sometimes feeling like everything is falling apart. But through it all, I keep falling in love. With music, with this town, with the people in it, with the songs I wish I窶囘 written and the ones I know I never could, with the world class writers and artists that no one has heard of and the ones everyone has heard of. This is a beautiful life. Whether it turns out to be a 10 year town or a 20 year town or more, I ain窶冲 ever leaving Nashville. Thanks for the memories, music row. You people are home to me. (And @itsdaniflowers, 窶弃laying Hard to Forget窶 is still a damn good title.)
No one can call this place a 窶徭hithole,窶 part 2. I love you, Haiti. You窶决e the most brilliant place I窶况e known. The most ravishing streets I窶况e walked down. And home to the people who have taught me far more than the richest and most powerful ever have. #ayiti
No one can call this place a 窶徭hithole,窶 part 1. #ayiti
happy birthday Jesus 笶、ク
They knew me when I wore the glasses that turned into sunglasses outside, when I quit the musical because I didn't get the lead, when my biggest fear was kissing a boy ("practice on an orange," Tom said), when I gave up on New York because there was too much walking, and many far lower low points. They still invite me to the Christmas party and that is real love.
Because there's no Christmas like a Hogwarts Christmas. 笞。ク条沁泅
wait for it...
@madmichaelis @dustinhaney
WEDDINGS & OTHER PEOPLE'S SONGS. Neither are my specialty but anything is possible with my partner in crime @malmichaelis and midnight practice. #汨ー沛サ洟オ沛サ @philwickham
If anyone sees Lisa Carver tell her she's still the best
I'm the little elephant on the right. @dustinonline @ryanbeaver @thomasfinchum  You guys can fight over who's the flamingo.