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my brother's tiny friends came to town just to make me feel tall.
Full moon vibez
Yeah I once opened for Jesse McCartney and wore pink and sequins at the same time. If anyone ever tells you you can't peak at 9 years old... you can. (Mom appreciation post for discovering this gem)
The first person to ever record one of my songs and one of my biggest inspirations... RIP gentle giant. He changed my life & I celebrate his. #donwilliams
Cast of Stranger Things, Season 2. #eclipse
Heavy day. Then this rainbow chased us. I don't have much to say that I haven't already seen someone else say but... white supremacists suck. And God is good.
tom petty told me to
Celebrating my big bro's birthday out west, just as he would want me to. Happy 31st Tay! Cheers πŸ»πŸŒΎπŸ”
when the flyer maker chooses the picture of you that says "I lit your house on fire for fun"
A RESPONSE GUIDE: to every woman who dares wear ripped jeans in public. Thank you to the man outside of Bread & Company for your inspiration.
A couple days ago, I got to talk to a man who told me, "I used to write songs, but I had a stroke. Now I can't remember the names of my songs anymore."
He laughed and told me about his #2 song and the song he had in a movie. Peace and joy. He quickly became my favorite conversationalist in the world. 
I've never thought to be thankful that I can remember the names of my songs. But last night I got to play them here (πŸ‘†) and that was the disposition of my heart. It can all go away in a second. While I've got it, and even if I ever don't, it is well with my soul. Music makers- what a gift we've been given. Hold it loosely.