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Nothing is more beautiful than a naked body. The most beautiful clothes that can dress a woman are the arms of the man she loves. But for those who haven't had the fortune of finding this happiness, I am there. - Yves Saint Laurent
Gogi, Shorta Gogi, Shorta Baloo and me!😍😆
The illusion of perfection almost kills us all, both slowly and fastly. The search for what's beyond the universe is a journey with no guarantees whose can be for years without success. Never fight it, welcome it and if it's not your universe just says thank you and walk away. For what would be worst? Living without it or in a lie? 
The reason to why it is, so beautiful is because we will never know how or why it works but when you have reached your destination you will know, it was all worth it and it's all yours.

We will only know when we have it.💫
I can now check off that I've attended on a Indian wedding and hey it was so much fun!!
since I'm going back to practice law attraction again, I bought myself a painting of this sparkling baby-diva-elephant who do yoga to get in the perfect kind of mood every morning😆
If you likes views, you will probably like this place!
It's always a pleasure to travel somewhere and buy stupid stuff you don't need... 0% stress
If you wanna have a filter, I gonna give you one. Baby, let's live in a filter bubble and ignorance. #blessyouall
How is my experience in India so far? I've been here for 3.5 weeks now, almost one month and I have experience more than I ever could imagine. It has both been good and bad experiences to be honest. First of all, in one kind of way i got treated as I was a royal here - got attached a guest house, someone cleans after me and I have a private chef. I have responsibilities at work I would never have in Europe(so I learn and develop faster than ever) and everyone is checking and making sure  that i having a good time. When it comes to work, all is about producing and the tempo are fast so nobody has time to give different opportinities to different gender, the smartest and with the best potential will be assigned the project.

The down part with be here as an forgein white woman is The attention I recive from mens - i already have my stalkers whos are standing outside my house and jerking open in the park when his looking on me when I am on the balcony, some people drives after me on the street to give me there number and waiting for me to come back home after I have been shopping.. So today I realised myself going beyond crazy and screaming open at the street "PLEASE LEAVE ME FUCKING ALONE" and my eyes just got black, I was so angry! And he drove away fast. It feldt very rewarding in a strange way. That I was actually able to make him accept me. And this isn't a unique situation for just me - is a reality every women in India has to live with. 50% of the population in India is assigned a partner you have to marry and 100% has to get approval from their parents if your partner is suitible for you nor not and if your man says something - is your law to follow that as a woman.

As a liberal girl who not even believe that a monogam relationship necersary the way to go always is this just crazy, im in chock and having a hard time to take in everything whos so beyond my reality. I'm feeling like an alien here sometimes to be honest and I really wish that one day, one day soon all the girls in the world can feel that they have equal rights and actually own themself. It maybe for you sounds like a basic human right, but it isn't for many girls - not even in Sweden.