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Husband, singer, songwriter, puppy dad. Buy “Making My Own Way” and the “Life With You EP” on iTunes today!

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My second favorite part of coming home for the weekend. 
#doggotime #dadshome #excitedpuppy #suchagoodgirl

Go check out my latest cover on YouTube!

Friday 6/28 - 8:00-11:00 @wildernesssmokies (Firefly)

Saturday 6/29 - 8:00-11:00 @cornersixteen
It’s lit. #happybirthdaytome
Probably my favorite video game themed song. #headshot #mcmb #mychildrenmybride #oldiebutgoodie #iamthemasterchief
All set up and ready! Going on in 40 minutes outside here at @wildernesssmokies on the #fireflybarandgrill patio! 8:00-11:00 tonight! Come on by if you’re in the area!
Come see me this weekend!

Friday 6/14
@wildernesssmokies (Firefly) 8-11p

Saturday 6/15
@calhounstn Neyland Drive
Guys....I’ve been lying to all of you for the majority of my life. I can’t run from the truth any longer. I’m sorry for all the confusion and betrayal of your trust. My real name is Jennifer. And apparently I have a massive load of student debt. #Sry4ThLyz #CominCleen #LivNTrooth
#WednesdayUpdate number 3!! Missed you lovelies! Here’s what’s comin up!

Thursday 5/30/19 9p-12a
@smokymountainbrewery - Maryville

Friday 5/31/19 6p-9p
Saturday 6/1/19 5p-6:30p
@ninelakeswine Festival
Finally got back in town for the weekend and had this bad boy waiting on me! Thanks again @fishfisheroffishal for letting me beat some drums on it! Everybody be sure to snag a copy at the release show in #Gatlinburg!!
Blessed to get to spend time this weekend with the hottie in my glasses there!  I love you @mncottrell and I’m stoked we got to spend some more time away with each other this weekend. Thanks or being my person.
Almost into Ft. Lauderdale to meet my beautiful wife! Resting up tonight and then I’ll be joining the other superfantastic singer-songwriters at the #KeyLargoOriginalMusicFestival through the rest of the weekend! Come hang out if you’re in the area!
New cover up on the YouTubes! Go check it out!

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