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photographer | graphic designer | editor | husband | father ▪️ austin, texas ▪️ work: booking@joshuawhelms.com


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Safety first, Philly.
Betsy Lou 🖤
Had a great time filling in with @phillipcole at @myrivervalley today!
I took @robinwymerband out behind the woodshed. But, don't worry. I just took his picture. 😜
"There is a wilderness we walk alone however well-companioned." -Stephen Vincent Benét
Owen Shroyer of @infowars_crew interviews a protester at the Texas state capitol.
More from my recent session with @brbenji - Pretty sure he's single, ladies 😎
Better dead than red ☠️
Capturing the soul of the 90's with @brbenji 🖤 Extra credit:  What's your fav 90's grunge song?
@outlawmorgan at the Impeachment March in Austin, TX.
Impeachment March - Austin, TX
Owen Shroyer of @infowars_crew