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Congratulations Tiger!!! #masterssunday  #golf  #joulesalon
Did you know.. Our hair color line INOA is 💯% ammonia free, its 60% oil and gives you 6 weeks of hydration while depositing beautiful color! ✨🌸Another reason to try #joulesalon #amoniafree #lorealpro #summitsalon #lorealed  #bestsincary
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Joule salon Artist: @hair_by_alexrose 
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TEN year anniversary = 10% off all retail & hot tools thru April. 
Purchase your products at Joule salon and ask your stylist; how can I maintain my style at home? 
Tell us about your hair concerns  and we will deliver to you a prescriptive treatment and take home products!  #onlyinsalon #lorealpro #lorealeducation  #summitsalon #seriexpert  #seriexpertloreal
Before I dreamt of owning a salon, my first dream was to be a mother and grow a family. This is the most important, rewarding and meaningful job I’ve ever had. Raising three sons, having two granddaughters and a daughter in-law are by far my greatest accomplishment and bring me the most Joy!  They have encouraged me to open the salon not knowing they would not get a hot dinner or mom would be home late to do a client that had an important event.  They are last on the list to get their own haircut but  have always  been first on the list when they need me.  I thank them for their support and patience.  I hope that I have taught them we have different dreams at different times in our life, they are not always immediate they take time to figure out and grow. We are never too old  or young to pursue a dream , stay the course, fight hard, go in early, stay late, and never give up and one day you will find  you did it! 💕💕#family #myloves #granddaughters  #motherofsons #goop
I couldn’t wait to surprise Kelly with her gift for TEN years of loyalty and service at Joule!! 👛#toryburchbag #joulesalon #loyalty  #bestsaloncary
Joule salon knows how to throw a 🎉🎉🎊🍾 swipe to see some highlights ➡️ #tenyearanniversary  #joulesalon
Meet our assistants and associates! They are the heartbeat of the salon!❤️ They will greet you when you walk into the salon, offer you a beverage, escort you to the shampoo bar where you will enjoy a relaxing scalp massage.  They attend to the  stylists & clients every need; maybe a breakfast or lunch run to laFarm or walking a client to their car with an umbrella on a rainy day! They run🏃‍♀️ all day doing towels, bowls,  keeping  the salon clean! We thank them for their service and hard work!!!👏👏👏👏 #loveyourjob #joulesalon
Happy 10 year anniversary Joule Salon.  Today we celebrate 10 years to the most amazing staff and clients. I want to thank each and everyone of my staff for their hard work, dedication and taking a chance on a new salon, my vision and mission! With out them this accomplishment  could not be possible .🙏🏻 To our clients, thank you for allowing us to be a part of this great community and serving you with beauty!💄We appreciate and are grateful to all past employees!💕 We are on track for our next goal to be A Black Elite Salon  with LOreal  Professional and look forward to achieving our next goal by end of year! Keep watching for ways to help us achieve this goal!!! #lorealpro ##lorealeducation #summitsalon #joulesalon
Meet Rick he is our Salon Centric Rep.and Carl is our new Regional Educator.
He keeps our salon fully stocked with LOreal Professional  products and keeps us updated on what’s new  in our brand. He has been a great support system for our salon and we appreciate him!  Thank you for helping Joule salon reach our goals!!! 👏👏👏 #lorealpro #lorealeducation #summitsalon
Don’t forget Tomorrow is Joule Salons 10 year anniversary party! Come and celebrate this milestone with us from 6-9! Refreshments, Raffles, and some dancing for sure!!💃🏻 #anniversaryparty #joulesalon
Week#9 Did you know....30% of small businesses fail durning the first two years being open, 50% fail durning the first five years and 66% fail durning the first 10 years!! We beat the odds, over the hump, happy 10 years! Watch next week for our celebration 🎊🎉✨🥂🎊 #summitsalon #associateprogram  #joulesalon #bestsaloncary