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We are travel experts and we want that everybody knows the beauty of South America. Let's go all over together!

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Good Morning from The Reserva Nacional "Los Flamencos". Flamingos are social bird and colonies can be in the thousands. .
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Galápagos, a place where you will connect with nature... Discover Ecuador #galapagos #galapagosislands #ecuador #nature #journeyou
#DidYouKnowThat The festivity of Paucartambo is held every year from July 15 to the 19th, where “Virgen del Carmen” (also called “Mamacha Carmen”) is honored.

Thousands of devoted people assist to this celebration and prepare beautiful brilliantly colored costumes, wearing masks (that cover all their faces) and dancing their ancestors’ dances.

Discover peruvian culture!

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#CuriousFact Lima is also renowned like “The City of Tombs” because it has approximately, 300 pre-columbian tombs around the city (yes, in the middle of the buildings). In your visit, you can cross with some on the way. The most famous are: Pucllana, Huallamarca and Mateo Salado.
Did you know that there is a Buenos Aires’ neighborhood famed for its colorful houses and its tango? “Caminito”, it’s a walkway in “La Boca”. Named for a 1926 tango song, the pedestrian lane features an outdoor fair where artists sell their wares and tango dancers prance along the sidewalk in between photo ops with tourists. #Caminito #Laboca #Buenosaires #Argentina #Journeyou.
#CuriousFact  Ula Ula, it’s a dance with Samoan origin that arrived on the island in the 40s and was adapted with music and lyrics by Rapa Nui. This dance represents a love conversation in front of a sticky rhythm, men and women move their hips laterally and change their position leaning on the heel or toes. The arms are also fundamental: they move to the rhythm of the hips and music, hypnotizing the spectators with gentle movements. #Journeyou #RapaNui #Easterisland #Chile
Quilotoa is a water-filled crater and the most western volcano in the Ecuadorian Andes. The 3-kilometre-wide crater was formed by the collapse of this volcano following a catastrophic eruption about 600  years ago, which produced pyroclastic flows, and spread an airborne deposit of volcanic ash throughout the northern Andes. This last eruption followed a dormancy period of 14,000 years and is known as the 1280 Plinian eruption. Do you want to visit it? #Ecuador #quilotoaloop #journeyou #southamerica
#Didyouknowthat The original name of the Corcovado hill was Pico da Tentação (Peak of Temptation). In the 16th century

the first Portuguese conquerors named it, in honor of the mountain where, according to the Bible, Jesus Christ was tempted by the devil. A century later, the hill changed its name to Corcovado, making reference to its shape reminiscent of a corcova or hump (in Spanish). Are you planning your trip to rio?  #Journeyou #Brazil
The traditional aguayo is a hand-woven fabric, used by women in the altiplano of Bolivia and Peru. It can be made from llama, sheep or alpaca wool and its dyeing with natural products ¿Did you heard about Andean Textiles? #Journeyou #andeantextiles #Aguayo #Bolivia
Did you heard about Argentina’s Rainbow Valley? It’s located on the edge of the town of Purmamarca, whose name in Aymara language, means "town of virgin land”. The 14 Colours of the Mountain is the result of fascinating geological processes, but is effectively a simple outcropping of rocks from different time periods. This region was underwater 600 million years ago! And, the accumulation of different sediments of that period, caused the variety of colors here! Have you been in this beautiful place? #Salta #Jujuy #Argentina #Journeyou
Have you ever heard about pisco sour? It’s a peruvian cocktail and its main ingredients are pisco (of course) and lemon juice!  If you have something to celebrate, this is a good choice! CHEERS WITH PISCO SOUR! #tgif #piscosour
#CuriousFact: Uyuni Saltflats contains 10 billion tons of salt and, every year 25 thousand tons are extracted. #bolivia