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Writer/poet/blogger/encourager, contemplative Christian, M.E sufferer, author of Embracing Hope: Soul Food to Help Chase Away the Blues

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Because sometimes we could use a reminder of how marvellous an ordinary day can be if we have our eyes open enough to notice it. 
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When we have M.E or chronic illness, it's all too easy to overextend ourselves and feel overwhelmed. I felt like that recently when I travelled to attend the service where my daughter-in-law was being baptised and my grandson dedicated. 
As I sat feeling weak and weary as can be, close to tears, the Lord reminded me of His mercy and grace and how much I had learnt in the process of acceptance so far in this journey of living with M.E.

Could I not simply be thankful for being here in this moment, this day? Could I appreciate this occasion as one of joy instead of struggle? Would I sacrifice my desires for the greater good? And might I allow others to serve me if need be?

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I'm grateful for these words from @marydemuth and how freeing they are. They tilt our perspective of weakness as something to be feared into an opening for God to work. Our dependence on Him turns out to be our greatest source of strength.

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An invitation to turn towards the sunlight of God's healing presence.

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Though perfection is overrated, it’s also an unattainable goal for imperfect people to reach. Maybe if we spent most of our time and energy on being faithful followers of Jesus Christ, then the rest would fall into its rightful place. We could accept being imperfectly perfect in God’s sight, and those who are daily practising the art of a surrendered life.

Let’s seek to practice the art of life, the art of loving others, as we hone the music in our souls and release our gifts freely into the world. Don’t worry about being perfect. Simply rest in being perfectly loved by God.

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God gifts each one of us with talents, and He also instructs us in the art of living itself. God’s grace means we are forgiven when we mess up, and we can learn to forgive ourselves and move on. Our progress in the spiritual life is far from linear but it is progress, nevertheless.

We’re often not aware we are practising becoming Christ-like but that’s exactly what is happening every day of our lives. As we yield and yield over again to God, we submit our souls to His authority and supreme love. And allow Holy Spirit to do a transforming work in our hearts.

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Staying close to nature is one of the best ways to connect with God, sense the changing seasons and cycles of life, and find calm for our restless souls. It soothes us inwardly when we pause to appreciate creation's beauty and abundance. I don't get to do it often enough as a person housebound with chronic illness, but every sign I receive of light, clouds, grass, sky and growing things causes my soul to exhale. 
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I'm learning to value simplicity of soul as well as less clutter in my home. Both contain extraneous stuff that weighs me down. I need to release, one negative emotion, one book, one ornament, one memory, one piece of clothing at a time. Or more, if possible. And I want to invite in a simplified way of living and being, even if I'm not quite sure what that looks like yet. 
The start of this journey was in recognising and admitting the state of overwhelm I am in. Maybe you're there too? This is minimalism for the physically and emotionally challenged. For those who have to go slow and steady. But I am trusting God to give me the means to allow my home and soul breathing space and room to grow again. Will you join me? Your prayers are welcome too. 😉💜 #simplify #simplicity #soulsimplicity #minimalism #release #breathingspace
Maybe you've had a few too many rainy days lately, times when your soul feels drenched in discouragement and saturated with sadness. It's been like that for me recently. A pileup of pressure and stress left me feeling overwhelmed.

As we accept the invitation of Jesus to take a Sabbath break, may we receive a fresh perspective on our problems and pain. Because sitting on the edge of it all, having a breather and taking a holy pause, is helpful to our souls. 
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In the poem below I am sharing about an experience I had of sensing God's presence in my ordinary, everyday life, in the hope that you will be inspired to note His holy footsteps in your own.

Sensing presence

You are sun’s warm caress upon my neck
wind gently rustling through spring leaves
chattering voices as people go off to work
each day’s gift of grace and opportunity

I sense you in the womb of my bedroom
I sense you when I am weary as can be
I sense you in days hard to get through
I sense you softly speaking love to me

You’re in the marvellous and the mundane
your footprints are just waiting to be found
my responses to you may not be the same
but we always meet on your holy ground

I sense you less when my soul is darkened
I sense you more when I’m washed clean
I sense you most when I’m not hardened
I sense you speaking in my dreams

You are reaching out continually
seeking to gain my soul’s attention
hoping I will finally hear and see
develop deeper comprehension
© joylenton

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As I recently pulled myself away from a thorny writing problem I was wrestling with, and sat resting in my bedroom, I could feel sun’s warmth on my neck like a soft caress. It felt like an invitation and opportunity rolled into one. Soul-care spots are like refreshment stations, refuelling us when we get dry, depleted and drained.

While I rested, I sensed God’s holy presence permeating my soul, His voice whispering wisdom, and His love wrapping me in a holy hug. Just as the sun was relaxing my tense neck, God’s presence was ironing out the knots in my mind and heart.

Where or how are you nurturing your soul? Do you have a favourite soul-care spot to sit, rest and relax? Maybe a place you like to visit or a room in your house. 
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Do you struggle with having tunnel vision of the kind where you get so focused on the tasks before you that you miss a golden opportunity for rest that is sitting within reach? I do. We struggle to see the light as our vision narrows and there seems to be no way of escape from where we are situated.

It happens frequently when my work with words consumes me. It’s hard to pause or come up for air when we’re dying to get things done and putting pressure on ourselves, even if our energy is limited and we’re chronically ill.

But what if we could seize an opportunity to stop, breathe, be in the moment, would we welcome it? Might we begin to notice more than we did before? Though I long to press on with those things that are important to me, I quickly tire and reach burnout before I know it. Before that happens, I need to slow my soul and take a break. We could all benefit from seeing times of rest as opportunity, rather than sheer necessity.

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