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Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker. I like blunt people & dirty martinis 🍸

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This is my face.  I have soaked up days in the sun, I’ve had terrible luck growing out those ever-popular boyfriend eyebrows, I’ve been through enough to give me wrinkles, but most of my wrinkles are from smiling and laughing. All my breakouts happen on my chin and around my nose, so it’s always red there and dry and flakey sometimes which is the worst. I have enormous eyeballs so there’s always a big dark pocket of skin under them that I constantly try to cover (usually to no avail) and my skin is perpetually dry in the California desert air.  Yep, this is my face. No airbrushing the wrinkles, dark circles or spots (okay i took off one mammoth zit scab by my nose, forgive me), no blown out filters, no makeup... #thisismyface •
Every morning i wake up and see myself in the mirror and i have to fight off the flood of negative thoughts that sweep through my mind about the way I look.  I could list them all but basically it’s all the same things that all of you think and feel.
In a day and age where everyone is airbrushing their selfies and constantly presenting an unrealistic standard of “beauty” I want you to know that #realisbeautiful and YOU are beautiful.  Will you join me this week and post an unretouched photo of yourself with no makeup and say #thisismyface ... Show the you that you wake up with??
That was too fun 💋 Thanks @joanneblackofficial @mgarsia_ @jayceemnirajd @andrew.toma for a killer 📸📸 shoot.  This is just a sneak peek. More to come xx
Lullaby 💋
My Grandmother Doris Ethel Lawson. Single mom, friend and support to so many friends, music teacher, singer, and collector of lovely things and lovely people. When i was 11, she passed from cancer and we moved from Texas into the New Jersey house where she raised my father and aunt. I lived there for 7 years. Her attic was full of fur coats and costumes from plays she had done. Boxes and boxes of sheet music and costume jewelry and Australian paraphernalia (as her father was an immigrant from Melbourne). Though the house has new owners, Doris’ piano still sits in that home, right off route 17 in Waldwick, New Jersey.  Just thinking of her today for no special reason. She was a wonderful woman and i miss her often.
Happy Monday
Sundaze 🌞
Thanks @andrew.toma and @jayceemnirajd for my hair and makeup last night!!! 💋💋💋
Pumice and acrylic through canvas @thelenzgallery #lenz
A stranger came up to me yesterday with a deck of Daily Motivation cards, turned over so I only saw the back of the deck. I closed my eyes, prayed for what I needed and withdrew a card from the middle of the deck.  Wouldn’t you know the one I blindly drew was “Joy” ☺️
Wish I could explain how comfortable these @la_bottega_di_lisa #oxfords are. A little boutique in London called @thewestvillagelondon sold them to me on a rainy night in #nottinghill. Made in Italy, sold in London and now they wander all over Los Angeles #iloveshoes
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