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Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker.
I like blunt people & dirty martinis 🍸KERI on the new @USA_network SuitsSpinOff, PEARSON

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NO ONE MOURNS THE #WICKED 🌟🌪🌈🎭 @wicked_musical Today. So excited!
In case you haven’t heard, #suitsspinoff has a title!
• • P E A R S O N • •
 #Pearson is coming your way summer 2019! I’m really proud of this show and this group and so grateful to be a part of it. Get Siiiiiiked! #usanetwork @usa_network @iamginatorres @simonkass #morganspector @therealeligoree @chantel_riley @duvall_wayne @isa.arraiza @radwright @booshampoo
Rainy morning drive in to work. This album. This song. It’s always a beautiful day #livinghope @philwickham #tillifoundyou
Smile 📸
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Who wants to win a trip to Paris? 🇫🇷 My first job in Manhattan was working at a parfumerie where scents became for me so much more than the latest bath & body works bomb. I learned about the nuance of a fragrance, the allure of subtlety, and the quality of ingredients. Since then I guess I’ve become a bit of a scent snob 🙊😆 so my discernment is well-honed. A few weeks ago a lovely little Parisienne Parfumerie called @lejardinretrouve sent me a delicate candle in a french cast, small, porcelain pot and asked if I would share their new #goldenopportunity 🎫 
This fragrance is lovely, as is the small Madison de Parfum, founded in 1975 by master perfumer Yuri Gutsatz, the nose behind fragrances from Cartier, Carven & Mary Quant 💐 
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⚡️Glow baby glow! 🐠🌈⚡️ thanks @madewell for this T-shirt supporting @GIRLSINC . Go get yours! #madewell #girls #educategirls #everydaymadewell #neon
Hey @jonfavreau is it too late for me to be in your movie? #thelionking  @morgan_spector this is your fault
#facepatches @skyniceland #notanad #justalunatic #setantics #suitsspinoff
Well, I got THIS far... @caitrionabalfe you are so lovely, kind and gracious (and talented!) What a stroke of luck to run into this @outlander_starz beauty and #BestActress #nominee at the #goldenglobes @amazonstudios party. See don’t we look like we totally belong in #Outlander together? 😆😆 I’m keeping the dream alive you guys.
S U N D A Y night #golden globes celebration with @amazonstudios #amazonprimevideo Thank you so much @creativeprinc @joanneblackstylist @blondet0urage @aimeecarpenter17 @brooklynprla @filmfashionpr.  So fun to see you @kristindossantos And thanks to my cute date @tfillat !!
D E T A I L S...
Dress @peggyhartanto 
Shoes @loribluofficial 
Clutch @heliopolisaccessories 
Jewelry @diamondfoundry @heartsonfireco
Well, I’m not sure what happened with my hair. It came out a little 90s but, whatever, thats what I get for trying to do it myself. Anyway, the night was fun! (And I got one step closer to my Outlander dreams coming true 😍- more pics to come of that) 
#awardsseason is off and running!
S A T U R D A Y night at @showtime #goldenglobes celebration of their brilliant nominees (and now Winners!). My stylist @joanneblackstylist nailed this look. We started out with a fitting and I had fallen in love with a @peggyhartanto dress (which i ended up wearing last night instead), but right before I walked out the door Joanne said “let’s just try the @eleanorbalfour velvet”. WOW, as soon as we slipped it on it was magic. Soon after my neighbor Sheila @blondet0urage popped over to put together this #makeup look, and i love that she mixed the gold with a @covergirl teal shimmer eyeliner.
As night approached a nice chilly rain started coming down adding a great mood to the evening.  My cousin Carrie @smart.stop and I dipped into the #SunsetTower, escorted by one of the many handsome umbrella-toting gentlemen set to make sure we walked in dry and #redcarpet ready
Inside, the party was relaxed and the champagne was delicious. I love #Showtime and have been an extra fan since I worked on #Dexter and found out what a great group of people are over at this network. This year, my favorite Showtime show is @shokidding w/ #jimcarrey (spotted above on the carpet :) and I’m especially excited about it bc my friend #JoeyMazzarino writes for it (any theatre fans might know he is the husband of #MeanGirls broadway star, and my longtime pal @kerrybutler1). Anyway- lots of six degrees of separation to all the projects here, but I was grateful to be included.  And it was a great way to kick off the new year 🌟
Thanks to the team who helped put me together for Saturday night! @creativeprinc @aimeecarpenter17 @amishilondon @alevimilano @jayceemnirajd @heartsonfireco @diamondfoundry @meiratjewelry
Thank you @creativeprinc and @showtime for a lovely night out after a niiiiice long holiday rest. #GoldenGlobes Fun! .
@joanneblackstylist as always, you nailed this look. #redcarpet @eleanorbalfour @alevimilano @amishilondon @meiratjewelry @diamondfoundry @heartsonfireco @aimeecarpenter17 .
Makeup @blondet0urage Hair color @jayceemnirajd
Honorable mention to @staticnailsofficial .
Story of the evening coming up in my next post 🌟