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👇🏼Daily Specials👇🏼
😋 Mon: All Food 50% Off
🌮 Tue: $1 Tacos $3 Margaritas
🔥 Wed: 75¢ Wings
🎓 Thu: BOGO w/college ID
🎉 Every Night: Turn Up!!🍻

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Beware... our wings got game 😎🔥
#JP23 #FoodForWomen #HotWings
💃🏻💃🏻: @kathyhinojo @hannaferraez
You almost received these free sliders today, but we got hungry in the process... “Free Appetizer” details coming soon! 😋🙌🏼
Sliding in your DMs like...🍔👀
#sliders #jp23
That moment you expect the most brilliant beer video in the history of mankind & it’s ruined by a foamy surprise. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 #EpicFail
When you find the one who fulfills you in every way & sees the best in you. 🌮💍 #TacoTuesday
Ways to my heart...⁣
1. Buy me Tacos 🌮⁣
2. Make me Tacos 🔥⁣
3. Be Tacos 😍⁣
🎉 Happy #TacoTuesday 🎉⁣
Selecting ONE winner today!⁣
👉🏼who LIKES this post👈🏼 you’ll win 10 Free Tacos to share with a close friend or loved one. ⁣
#TacoLove #JP23
Let’s Gooo!!! 🔥🇲🇽🏆 #WorldCup2018 #JP23
México, México... 👏🏼🍻
Comment “🇲🇽” if you’re with us !!!
We open @ 5am tomorrow
Shhh 🤫... #Tomahawk says you’re the better friend. #MashedPotatoes would flip if he found out! #FriendsForever
You see an intimate glare in her eyes. She feels the pounding of your heart. It’s true, Love at first BITE. 😋🍔 #JP23
Who’s your burger match?
** CONTEST TIME ** Tag at least one #foodie friend for a chance to win a complimentary bundle of 5 Meals at #JP23 , available anytime you may feel Hungry-ER than usual. MUST be following @jp23fullerton (yes we check 😎) #JP23eatery
Do you even beef, bro 💪🍔? #AmericanBurger