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Laugh today, positivity is contagious. 😄 You would be surprised at how just a smile can change your, or someone else's, mood. Spread love and happiness, our world needs it. #HappyWorldKindnessDay
My #MCM everyday, but especially today! I’m so proud of you my love 😘 You are always thinking about how you can help people better their lives and have such a passion for it! For that, and many many more reasons, I’m so lucky to call you my husband :)
@brookslaich and @matt_hewett, you are both so awesome and inspiring for creating @opengym and helping people all over the world achieve high quality fitness, anytime, anywhere, and for an affordable price!
To become a member and join the @opengym community, visit my link in bio! 🤗💪
Back to my roots. ✨
What is the thought bubble in your own mind? 💭
Is it a positive one? A negative one? Does it do you harm? The thoughts in our head can be super detrimental to our well being, even if they are quiet. If you recognize that it isn’t something that brings you joy, happiness, love or kindness, think of something else and repeat it over and over. 
Sometimes we aren’t taught how to change those thoughts, and that we are supposed to just naturally think positive thoughts. 
Well I’m here to tell you that good and bad thoughts creep in and out of my mind daily and it is up to me to decide which one gets to live there! 
So again, how is the thought bubble in your head affecting your life?
Let yourself feel. Don’t suppress it or think you need to hold it in for the sake of others.
One way that allows me to fully express everything that I am feeling is to write. Once I start writing, my emotions, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, all begin to pour out onto the page, and I feel free.
So whatever it is that you like to do that makes you feel self expressed, do it! Allow yourself to truly feel. ❤️ And I know for me, there are a lot of emotions to be felt after this week!
Change is needed. Sending all my love ❤️
Close your eyes, standing firmly on the ground, breathing deep into the earth, and ask yourself...
“How would my body want to be moved if I was connected to the energy of the earth?”, and just move.
Trust your body. The body doesn’t lie.
Connect with yourself, listen to your body, and engage with your inner energy. What is one thing a day that you do for yourself?
Bisous for Léo 💋 Thank you @malinakerman for involving me in this cause to help kiss INAD goodbye. INAD is a rare genetic, neurodegenerative disease, otherwise known as “parkinson’s mixed with Alzheimer’s for kids”. Léo Vauclare was diagnosed with this disease at just two years old. While there are currently no known treatments or cures, many are working to change that.
Every dollar donated goes towards funding scientific research for treatments and a cure for INAD. Please post your own bisous and donate at BisousForLeo.org to help fight the good fight. 
I challenge @nina @abigailspencer @veryvness to share their bisous. 😘
I woke up this morning feeling a little defeated. Looking back at where I have been and the “success” I’ve had, and then looking forward to where I want to go and feeling so far away from it. 
After I acknowledged that, I realized that I wasn’t focusing at all on the present... the now... and the joy, happiness and gratitude that comes from the process! 
So I felt sorry for myself, I cried, I felt it, and then I did something that I did NOT want to do today... work out! 💪🏼 So I worked out, became present in the moment, and I’ve had so much more appreciation for the experience I’m having RIGHT NOW! Therefore able to let my true self come through and not let this self doubt and fear take over! 
So I encourage you to have some courage. Don’t let fear stop your progress. Do something that scares the shit out of you today, or just do something that you really don’t want to do, and soak in every moment! 🤗
I know I feel about 10 lbs lighter, not from the workout, but from eliminating the stress and fear I was putting on myself!
Last time I had bangs... 💇🏼‍♀️
And I know what you are thinking...
My fashion game for a road trip to the Arches is 👌🏼, don’t worry guys it’s Faux Fur 🤣
How about @derekhough and @katherineh82 ?
In all seriousness though... very grateful to have had some cool adventures with my family as a kid. Not everyone gets to have those experiences that early on in life, and maybe not ever...
Feeling very grateful for my family and my life today!
What are you grateful for?
It is such an honor to be working on this project with @kimberlywilliamspaisley and Dallas, and of course the one and only @dollyparton herself. You are such an inspiration! 
Miss Dolly wrote songs in the 60s and 70s that are still so relevant and meaningful today. With songs like Just Because I’m A Woman that she wrote about 40 years ago, she was and has been a strong, proud feminist… P.S. if you haven’t heard those lyrics, do yourself a favor and listen…
Her stories have been told mostly through music, and most recently now through television. She is a true example of someone who has been in the industry her entire life and has always remained true to herself, expressing herself beautifully through her art.
It’s an honor to be a part of this new chapter of hers to tell her already told stories through song now through pictures, and especially to depict one of her most iconic characters.. Jolene!
Dolly, you are a true Artist, legend, Icon and Hero for so many... keep spreading your love, you are and always have been changing the world through your creativity and passion! I cannot wait to share this with all of you and bring Jolene to life! ❤️