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LIFE IS A GIFT! ❤️ To quote my good friend Marinda “the thing you take for granted, someone else is fighting for”....Marinda @marinspirations and her story have touched my heart so deeply and now you all get a chance to meet her and learn from her like I have! Her episode of “My Last Days” aired last night on the @thecw. This project is the beautiful brain child of @justinbaldoni and I am forever grateful I was able to be a part of this! Watch this episode, I promise it will help you remember what’s important! Find it on the CW network! Let’s spread some gratitude this morning, tag someone you’re grateful for in the comments and tell them why! 💕🤗 #gratitude #mylastdays #lifeisagift #liveauthentic #livewell #lifeisbeautiful
Happy Birthday to the most loyal and fiercely loving friend @markballas!! 🎉 Look at all these memories we’ve made together! We were such babies!! #dancers
‼️Holy Throwback to Baby Julianne and baby Apolo‼️
Can’t believe it’s been 11 years since Apolo and I took home that coveted mirror ball trophy...and since 11 is my favorite number (and since today is @apoloohno’s birthday!) I thought I would share some of my favorite routines from my first season ever on @dancingabc 
What were your favorite routines/partners/seasons of the show? #thatcheetahcostumethough #thathairthough #babies #dance
What a gorgeous ☀️ day in the big 🍎
-Where should we go for a fun girls dinner tonight?
My very favorite view 😉 @brookslaich
📷: @sarahfalugostyle
#FBF all the way back to the 1920’s with these smokin’ hot Gatsby babes! 🤣🤪@laurenpaul8 @nina
Happy Birthday Dman!! 🎉🎉🎉 @derekhough I'm so thankful that I’m your little sister and to have had the opportunity to watch you pour your passion into your work since day 1! These photos are a small example of how you light up an entire room with your love and your energy! ❤️ We have had so many INCREDIBLE adventures together and I can’t imagine any of them without you. Having you as a brother is truly a gift, but having you as a best friend is something I cherish and am grateful for everyday. This is going to be your best year yet D 😊 #HappyBirthday #HeyBabe #iPhoneCharger #hehehehohohohahahaha
It’s a beautiful day to chase some goals my loves! 🤗 Let’s work on keeping this in mind this week: The more you give, the more you live! Remember that everything you’ll accomplish is more fulfilling when it’s about SERVING and GIVING!! Sending you all positive vibes, let’s do great things this week! ❤️ #tuesdaymotivation is a thing right? 📷: @coryt
Congratulations to my papa on graduating this past weekend! My dad is always the first to want to learn more and continually pushing himself to grow. He is such an amazing example of putting your mind to something, that anything is possible, and it’s never too late :) When you want something, go for it! Thank you for inspiring me today dad 😘 #MCM #foreverastudent
Side note... pic #3 was me FaceTiming him right before his name was called! You are the absolute cutest papa! Love you
There is nothing like a mothers love! I’ll always be your baby and come sit on your lap and ask you to tickle my back or rub my feet no matter how “mature” I get! 💕💕💕
Something also happens when you get older, you see your mother with unfiltered eyes and see her for all her imperfect perfections which make her absolutely perfect! I’ve never been as obsessed with my mother as I am today! I want to be just like you. You make me a better woman momma. You continue to feed my compassion, understanding and unconditional love! I’m so grateful to be your daughter! 💕💕💕
Happy Mother’s Day! 
#thelastpicthough #babies
Roaring 20’s Date Night ❤️ #gatsbystyle
“Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it” 👀 Name the movie! #MyLove #Paris
📷: @sarahfalugostyle