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“where are you?” “physically or existentially?”

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Let me be clear: they (@socialcontractx) sent a note of thanks (in addition to the vinyl) on the back of a Sainsbury’s receipt and if that isn’t The Most Extra then I don’t know. 👏🏻 framing it for when they inevitably get all “famous” or whatever and I’ll have to fight for tix to their first stateside tour.
they’re on Spotify and other than that I have no idea how I came across their whole 2 songs but I’m glad I did.
The truffle on the northern lights roll tho #shook. Also known as that time I learned @nicoledeeb is a pro food photographer. #foodiegoals
Had the most Jersey Shore weekend ever. Happy birthday again @kristinaaag! 👏🏻
No buyers remorse here my friends 🍒
pls don’t make postponing your concerts 7 months a bad habit. @thekooksmusic 🔥👀🙌🏻
Can’t believe I know the Canadian Shakira/Beyoncé/Rihanna/Nancy Ajram
The new Arctic Monkeys album is out and it sounds exactly like The Dream Synopsis [song not EP] (not mad about it). No line will ever measure up to “it was you and me and Miles Kane and some kid I went to school with”, but “what do you mean you’ve never seen Blade Runner?” comes pretty close. 👏🏻
Happy bday you crazy creature! xoxo
Spring?? that u?!?!?
#tbt to the tune of hello operator / the white stripes
great team great time great wine 🥂
thank you Vinous, Antonio, James, Aldo Sohm+team!