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“where are you?” “physically or existentially?”

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𝕞𝕐 F𝔸ν𝕠Ri𝔱Ⓔ ČOℓσⓇ ĮS 𝔰ⓟ𝒶Ⓡᛕ𝓁eŞ 🔥
on a serious note, seminar on sekt was informative - it’s something I always wrote off as a cheap champagne alternative but I’m now ready to go out and buy a few bottles 🙌🏻
if you don’t see bohemian rhapsody on an imax screen you’ll be missing out 🙏🏻
hotel california by the eagles but less ominous and no pink champagne on ice
California I love you so much
Really a big fan of relaxing
How many times have I been to California and can you believe this was my first in-n-out?
here is a photo of the Hollywood sign (that’s def my ride in the top right)
here we are running on no sleep
I think a lot about how my sad little high school crush that I spent one too many years agonizing over was due to convenience and lack of other available options. I mean, I guess leaving Vermont has taught me many other more important lessons but everyone’s heard them all before. Anyway, point is I’m happy I left in search of new adventures but I do miss Vermont in autumn a bunch. 
Do people even read my captions
In honor of renewing my German passport, here’s a sick throwback photo of me with a half liter of cheap red wine at 2014 Oktoberfest in Stuttgart, filed under questionable life decisions.
FRANK ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
We ❤️ an Instagram ready bar.