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Everyone knows it’s happening and it’s on Feb 14th. People have anniversaries on this day & they celebrate love! It’s alllllll wonderful! I love watching how excited women get and how people choose to celebrate their love. Today’s never been entirely a big day for me. Only because... I think celebration and love is a daily thing! If your saving all your love and big moves for Feb 14th your doing it wrong! Lol partially because of how women receive love. We love small consistent actions of love. If you’ve read Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus - you’ll get it! 
But with all that being said - this morning I came across an article that solidified what I believe in everyday of the year! 
Everyone follows what everyone is doing & everyone confirms to what’s happening in society. We kinda just walk blindly.. Valentines Day actually comes from the Roman Era & stemmed from a very dark ritual at the time. 
Today is named after the two men who were murdered many manyyyyyy years ago. 
Emperor Claudius II executed two men — both named Valentine — on Feb. 14 of different years in the 3rd century A.D. Their martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine's Day.
From Feb. 13 to 15, the Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia. The men sacrificed a goat and a dog, then whipped women with the hides of the animals they had just slain. This was done to improve fertility. There was also random match making involved. As the years went on Feb 14th gained a more of a romance & christian spin to it. In a more happy go lucky way it remained the day of fertility and now love. 
If Valentines Day was represented to you with its true origins... would you feel the same about celebrating it? 
The outcome was positive but the origins are disturbing 🤷‍♀️ I’m no Valentines Grinch, I love, love but I also have the gift of challenge and this is the PERFECT opportunity to challenge myself & you to think about what we blindly follow in society just because it’s advertised to us in a gushy way? 
Always keep an eye out & challenge what your told to think! Create your own path 👌 for love & everything in life!
I truly believe time, consistency, care & honesty tells us who are our true best friends. The longer you know someone, the more consistent they are with you and how honest they are with you all that stuff matters. We all want friends, true friendships in our lives. But sometimes we can be inpatient because time is the only one that tells the truth of a friendships. What have you been through and the things you over come with people that matter. This is why we love our pets. They are always there, they have no reason to lie to us and they love us for the LONG run! My dogs my best friend. I love the people in my life that I’ve know. Humans are imperfect and so are animals. What makes the difference is who we are committed to being to those around us that we choose to love! ❤️
“Peace begins when expectation ends”
Hope & Faith ❤️
An unusual dog she is 😂. Bella has been on so many adventures with me. We have lived all over Vancouver, Calgary & Whistler for months at a time. She’s also been to the US as well on Vacations! As long as she gets in on the adventure she is happy! She has a hard time walking long distance... so she sits in the backpack alllll bundled up in blankets & enjoys the view. #tinydogbigheart
I want to share this valuable little story that has so many GEMS in it! My Mom’s always lived away or traveled and has only been in and out of my life... lately I’ve spent lots of time with her. She asked me what I REALLY was for Christmas. I responded “I want my Bliss back.” She said “Do you even know what that feels like... can you explain BLISS?” I said sure “It’s a sense of being, a state where I see PURE love in everyone and everything I come in contact with. Nothing seems to be bothersome & there is an infinite river of JOY that flows through me. Irregardless what storm breaks out my state doesn’t change I have faith. It’s a constant high off life. I don’t need to be rich or in love to have it. It just is a part of how I constantly feel.” This afternoon she gave me this little JOY piece that lights up. She said “you wanted BLISS for Chistmas... I saw this and I know if you look at it every morning.. you will get your Christmas wish. You’ll have bliss back.” Magical isn’t it? As Christmas quickly approaches and you’ve probably already done your gift shopping... let this story sit with you. Gifts should always have meaning. True value isn’t in the price tag, it’s in the story behind the surprise, what connects you to this gift? People buy so much pointless nonesense with no true loving meaning in it. Ipads, laptop, expensive jewelry. Don’t need to spend a BUNCH of money... you just need to hit a core in the people you love by giving them something that has meaning. Remove the FLUFF & get REAL & RAW! I think this type of giving takes more courage but it’s worth it.  I didn’t expect this but it perfect! I want nothing more👌🙏
1 smoothie every morning will change your health & digestive system entirely. It’s your ability to keep this habit.. that will actually transform things! So, for a few months keep this up till you expect to see and feel the difference in your body! 👍
And remember #breathe for #stressrelief
Cute Christmas picture I took in Oregon ❤️💚
Loyalty is something that’s been sirculating in my world. What makes you loyal and what breaks loyalty? Here is a simple answer.. those who are self interested - they don’t attain loyalty or honour. Every human on this earth has traits of service and selfishness but its actually values that determines the difference in between two people. What guides you? EVERYDAY?  And WHY? Once you answer those questions you will become more clear on what honour is not only to yourself BUT others ❤️ there are things that some say that our perspective simply can’t pick up on. It’s because we have not yet opened ourselves to it just yet! Be open. Be excited, be loyal, have honour and  BE IN SERVICE! Guys WHEN HAS ANYTHING IN LIFE WORTH WHILE BEEN EASY? Don’t jump on the instant gratification train! It’s an illusion 👍
I saw this & ❤️!! I first posted it on Instagram Dec 2014 👌 this is the game changer!!!!
What is holding you back 🤷‍♀️ if you can classify it.. you can’t begin to move forward 👌