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Made Lasagna 👌 Planned for two dishes worth but only had enough cheese for one 🤷‍♀️
The worst of our habits is more memorable than the best of our habits. Make the good out weight that bad. I’d love to even say eliminating the bad, all together but just remember nobody’s perfect. We are human and humans make mistakes. We’ve all experienced this before. To up your game begin to notice the good things more and that will transform the way you feel about people and yourself ❤️
“Surround yourself with things and people that breed good intentions into and for your life!”
Beauty is the eye of the beholder 💎 Our perspective is highly responsible for how we see life & the things around us. Be high off life. Let the world enlighten you 👌
❤️ they are to innocent and sweet!! #kittys
“Yes” now it’s your turn! ⬇️
Love these two!! ❤️ @eteinvincible @aniisiaaa
A couple cows up a gravel road to the top of a mountain with a beautiful lake at the top 👌 my phones been dead for a couple days & I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures but it was beautiful! #bccamping #beautifulbritishcolumbia
I’m hearts broken to say Bella passed away last weekend at 14 years old and a few months. Most of you have known me with Bella in my life. I’ve had her longer than I’ve had any social media. Growing up, consistency and peace was few and far between in my life. When Bella came into my life she gave me the gift we can’t put a price on. Unconditional love, forgiveness and so much wisdom. Seeing how Bella loved me and others taught me to love myself and others that way. I love this dog so much - I made it a priority to always love her back unconditionally and stay away from being irritated or unhappy with her. As we are human... we all have our moments where sometimes she would wake me up at 3am to go for a walk or sometimes drink water. Begging to sit on my lap while I’m cooking and goodness she would’ve made a good sales person because persistency was in her blood - never gave up. When she got sick... everything did flash before my eyes... because honestly this dog was my first love my best nurturer and a best friend a human with their imperfections has a hard time beating. She never complained about cuddling - hot or cold she was glued to me. But grief came in heavy - though people tell me I’ve been amazing and loving for her... the stuff that came up is always those moments I didn’t love her more. It’s the human existence we behave with irritation and ungrateful ness some moments and always regret it when the time comes. Being accountable isn’t always easy - it does hurt but it’s always better. Bella never used a leash - she had no idea what one was and would look at me VERY weird like I was going crazy to try and put one on her.. she never ran away and always followed who ever I set her to be with... whether it was my Dad/ Mom / Siblings / Friends. She communicated her needs. She’s been on so much adventure in the US and in Canada. We been on 4 hour walks and yes - No leash. She was such a good girl. I love you Bella - I hope I can grow to be more unconditionally loving - more selfless - more forgiving and never irritable just like you’ve been your whole life. Impacting everyone your met with your big heart and loving temper ❤️ I love you!
We got artistic @haneyfarmersmarket