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Nature - it creates peace ✌️spent this morning walking with my Mom.
I’ve had this in my phone for years! I believe it to my core. The world has changed in many ways. Values & the focus of people. There are a million opportunities out there... there are always a million options in those millions of opportunities to be happy. Pick one path and honour that one! Stay true to our words above all else! Think about others before our selves & serve for a greater purpose. Create a fabulous life from nothing. Find fulfillment.
#coffeeshop 💞 I have this experience often! What we see in others is a reflection of something familiar in ourselves. Always remember to challenge your perspective & understand the reflection!
Bella & I last weekend with @emiliana.nica 🙏🐶
Childhood memories! On the left is a paining of me and my Mom that @bogdanstudio (my Dad) painted of us! On the right is me wearing a similar hat that’s just as old as I am! My Dad actually made this red hat. My parents made 95% of our clothing growing up. They made good money doing so in Romania. It is actually what allowed them to come to Canada! #sewing #romania #coolstuff #myhistory #whereicamefrom #designideas
A shopping trick I learnt that TOTALLY applies to making decisions in everyday life! Here it is! You have an item that you are deciding whether or not to buy... what you want to do is fast forward into the future and ask yourself “will I wish I bought this item, will I need it’s value one day?” It’s funny because some of you might remember me posting two dresses like this.. I didn’t know which one to get a while before summer this year. (If you scroll back this pictures are still posted 👍) I had asked myself if I would regret not buying it and the answer was YES.. life got busy and I never MADE the time to go pick it up. In panama - I thought about how many opportunities I had to wear it. This post give you an example through clothing but the value or this lesson is GRAND. Decisions & the value of things and people in our lives are usually a big discussion.. what choice to make? Then taking the action to that choice... I made the choice to have this dress but I never took action to it. So let’s break it down guys - in life... at any point and decision! 1. Check in with your future self - will they regret not making this particular decision & taking action to it? What does the future hold? Fast forward and check in with regret see if it will be an issue! 2. Decide... you have to make a powerful choice with value - no need to spend 1000$ on something you only wear 2 times. No need to stick around the wrong people that have already shown you they WILL let you down multiple times! 3. TAKE ACTION - with out action - sometimes courage... you will have nothing even if you made the decision. Decision is step 2 but with out step 3 (taking action) you will have nothing at all! So for today & everyday moving forward, calculate in how your future self will feel & RISE! 💞 funny how I feel we are still talking about a dress that looks fabulous on me but it’s honestly the determining factor in between JOY & sadness!! LOVE & FEAR! A life of FULFILMENT or A life of misery and bad decisions! Yes
This little gem has been in my life for about 13 years. I got her when I was around 15. I had gone from an elementary school where I was not happy somewhat bullied and never really fit in. To moving cities away to Vancouver while my Mom went to university. I made new friends and felt more included like I fit in somewhere. I always loved animals and had asked my Mom for a dog. I’ve always loved big dogs, always wanted a golden retriever or black lab but my Mom couldn’t stand all the hair that big dogs had. One day she’s like I found a dog I’ll buy you kids this one doesn’t shed 😂. That’s when I met Bella. Tiny and innocent she stayed close to us always. Never ran away and always listened. She needed us but honestly I needed her more. Looking back to the time I received Bella, I really needed her! I was cold in spirit and broken in faith, having just experienced the on going Drama in between my parents Bella was something I found peace in and felt loved in her presence. But honestly the greatest gift she has given me was love and gratitude . She taught me all about love & consistently showing up for those who we love. This little Dog softened my spirit and heart. As a kid given the circumstance of my family I was cold. I never hugged anyone. I didn’t say words of gratitude and I definitely didn’t accept who I was as a human being. This little animal gave me the consistency I didn’t have at home & the love I didn’t always get from my Mom. She showed me what it actually means to always show up and pay attention to those who matter and gave me the permission to express myself differently. She was my safe place and now as she is older I am hers. Watching this process of love and life from a very young age taught me to value life and to always say thank you. I grew to love this little pet so much I have said “Thank you for being in my life” thousands of times. I’ve learnt to soak in the moment and always tell people how much they mean to me. I went from Cold to warm and loving! We don’t know in what shape or form life’s blessings come to us in but they always show up. For all the hurt & pain we endure there are blessings waiting to grace us with their love ❤️
I landed in Panama and said I’ll be on those little islands! I could feel the ocean and the sand. Before the opportunity and connections came for me to go. I had 100% surrendered it. If I left & never got to see these little islands that was OKAY! This is how it goes... strongly intend for what you want. Then completely let it go! And you will get it but it comes wen you completely surrender it - LET IT GO! This doesn’t work with a specific person but it sure works with opportunity, adventure & goals in life. The biggest factor is FAITH! We must have faith! With out faith the impossible, isn’t possible.
Instead of always focusing on our downfalls and pain (which we allll definitely have!) We can focus on GROWING & CONTRIBUTING OUR GROWTH! Guys this is powerful stuff!
Men chill out at home, women are quite the opposite. When women goes to a restaurant they ALWAYS pick the seat that has the view, either facing the window (nature relaxes everyone but being and seeing the outdoors definitely relaxes women!) or they face the public side of the restaurant. This is why. It’s cool because when you now these little things it not only improves interaction in between men and women but also helps each of us understand what’s going on. If I spend a day indoors and my stress is rising I know I need to head outdoors and do something that will relax me, either be with nature or having something out to eat, hang out in a public space and have an adventure! Knowledge is the greatest source of power guys! Making sense of the stuff that doesn’t. Use to to stay inside for longer periods of time & I didn’t understand why I felt the way that I did! Then I learned about this and I started to understand how I react to being indoors for long periods of time. We are all ultimately responsible for our joy and happiness! We get to choose everyday when we wake up how we feel! Life isn’t perfect but where are so many bits of knowledge that go a long way to helping us rise, shine and live with that glow in our lives! I’ve gotten myself out of so many pits knowing this one little thing! 👍
💚❤️ life is not perfect but we can always work on our state & our thoughts! Patience, Kindness, Laughter & Love! Leave behind footprints 👣 that impact people for the better!