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Growing up I felt different, I was lost and it was painful. Nowadays, it’s become my inner power.
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🎄 I love doing this kind of stuff! Thank you for this great idea @rosaliejross #gingerbreadhouse
You are BeYOUtiful! 💕
If it’s fresh it’s best! This smells so good 😍
Super cute! This was at least 5 years ago. There’s something around people I love framing pictures of us & giving it to me as a gift. It always seems to happen! #loveit! Love this frame! @jennraghwan #haircolorchange
“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” @taylor.or.91 @lesleymichele14 ❤️
💕 Vulnerability connects hearts. Tell your story.. I just ask you one thing!  Choose the words you use to tell it wisely, that that you don’t get stuck in it by telling it. The words we choose to tell our story makes a difference.
Christmas kitty! He’s such a good boy! He has his own Christmas bell decoration he chases around the house ❤️ #nofilterneeded
Odin’s been climbing into everything lately. This one is my Fav! He’s optimized use of @leanoraferretti beach bag, that’s become his front door look out spot.
Many years ago, I use to blame others often. I was always a victim of my circumstance but eventually I learned the following:

1. Find solutions, seek the opportunity in every situation there is always something to learn or a new connection to make with someone else or simply with in ourself.

2. Becoming present and being real about my reality. Where am I at & where would I like to be? What are my net steps. Being open with youself & pointing where growth needs to happen is powerful. “How can I get there? What do I have to do to become this?” 3. Own who you are. For the good day HELL YES! For the unpleasant or bad day “how can I grow from this?”
4. Intentions - we set them anyways “today’s going to suck.” Is an intention. So say something good.

5. Instead of killing a bad habit, REPLACE it with a good one.

6. When we react - we hand our inner power away.
7. We let other people control us by being bothered with what they say.

8. Focus - where we focus out energy. That makes us or breaks us. Let your eye be inspired by good things and good people. Ignore poor behaviour. Don’t notice is because when you notice is your focusing on it.

9. There are different types of people on this earth. Som are kind with big open hearts. Others are mean with broken hearts but every single human being on this earth just wants to love and be loved.

10. Everything is as I think it is because we make those thing true with our perspective and our perspective only sees what’s familiar. It sees our reflection. So always ask “Where is the unclaimed & unattended piece of me in this?” 11. Giving is always better thank just taking & even  if you don’t get back from that person place or thing. The universe will always give back to you at the most unexpected time.

The rest is for later ❤️
He fixes things that are broken, and doesn’t just throw them out.

Has one of the biggest most loving and giving hearts I’ve ever met.

Shed tears with me when Bella got so sick... when we knew it was her time to go.

When I think you’ll be upset, your not. You give me the gift of ease and peace.

People matter to you more than things.

And after 7 years of being single, I’ve taken a leap to having spent a couple months short of a year with you 💕