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Stereotypical Gemini ♊
Lover of all things fictional 📚📽
Taker of photographs 📷
Work with creatures from the sea 🐢🐙🐧🦈
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Found a lot of berries
There's an educational message in there somewhere #sealifebirmingham #jellyfish #pacificseanettle
Went on a 5 minute walk to clear my head and it turned into 2 hours walking around taking photos
Bit of an understatement
I've had a shit day so decided to make halloween come early
I know how you feel Starsky
Another one from the other night #lovethepeopleiworkwith
Queen of hearts ♥
This book left such a massive impression on me absolutely loved it 5🌟 #elizaandhermonsters #bookstagram
Villainous Ents ❤ WFAs 2017 were pretty good and I don't have to bad of a hangover 😁