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Between traveling and blessing. πŸ’›
Back to Gili for the second time checked βœ”οΈdan bersama es krim yg ga nyampe 5 menit udah lumer kemana-mana πŸ’– #moodswingersweettreat #ggrep
πŸ’­ ((πŸ¦„πŸ’–))
2 hal favorit jadi 1 β€”bunga & merah muda 🌸 #currentmoodswinger #pinterest
// When in Lombok, day 1 //
Muka seneng karena ga sabar pengen cepet jalan-jalan karena baru aja nyampe, plus kelaperan karena udah siang banget dan belom makan tapi tetep pengen selfie, plus muka belom gosong. 🌝
Btw kangen makan nasi goreng seafood di Kafe-inn lagi, kebayang enaknya. πŸ’•
You know which way is the most difficult for me to go through?
Not a winding road or gravel road.
But the way to your heart.
I have been going very long.
Even often stumble and fall.
But still. 
Never reached the end of the road β€”your heart.
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Kita udah kayak selebgram belom? πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‚
Cerita tentang alam dan masa muda.
γ€° There is a ship that sails the sea
She's loaded deep as deep can be
but not as deep as the love I made
I know not how I'll sink or swim
Muka kelihatan bahagia pas difoto. 5 menit kemudian, "Gilaaaakk panasss bangeeeett." 😨 #ggrep #youxcottonink
"You are the sky. Everything else β€” it's just the weather." -Pema Chodron-
Dimana-mana liatnya kalo ga bukit ya pantai 😌