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Where does JUST water come from? How do we bottle it? Our water comes from an untouched spring in Glens Falls, NY, but there’s more to it than just that, swipe ➡️➡️➡️ to see more, and read on! 💧

Our water comes from 232 feet below this snowy spot in Glens Falls! Spring water doesn’t come from a babbling brook, even though the term “spring water” may sound like that’s the case. Spring water comes from underground, where it’s naturally filtered and infused with mineral content by the rocks it flows over and through. 💧

Each roll of packing pictured here is 10,500 cartons flat! That means we only need one truck to transport the equivalent of 1.5 million cartons, which means less trucks and less energy ⚡️Shipping the same number of fully-formed plastic bottles would take 13 trucks. 💧

In the bottle production process, the flat cartons get cut and folded, then the caps get sealed onto the top before they get filled with our delicious, fresh spring water through the bottom. The bottom then gets folded, and off they go! These cartons are then sorted into groups of 12 and get packaged into a cardboard case and sent off to your local grocery store, café or directly to your home! 💧

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