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International Relations graduate who does marketing & PR. He also writes about food, fashion, and lifestyle.
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Me looking other's grass that look greener than mine, but too afraid to jump. My Libra side tells me that it's better to be grateful, when my greedy human side tells me just try. In addition, those two bring too many what ifs. What if I fail? What if this is a trap? What if I want to get back to my grass? Have you ever felt the same, the wishy washy stuff? | πŸ“Έ: @henditama
Have you planned where to go for iftar in this holy month of Ramadan? I'd definitely suggest @platarandining. Its wamrth and heritage-themed brings up the nuance of togetherness. Beside their usual menu, Plataran serves special dishes during Ramadan. They are Paella, Kebuli Rice, and El Hambra. Enjoy your #RamadanAtPlataran. | πŸ“Έ: @eatfever
What's in My Bag post. I don't bring many stuffs daily, usually they're #essentials which I cannot live without: notebook and laptop (I am #millennial but still jotting things down on physical notebook), perfume (I love either woody or leathery scent), lipbalm (so important during #Ramadhan to keep your lips moisturized), lotion which I use for hand cream (you guys, AC is your enemy of your skin but this helps a lot! And the eucalyptus scent smells just right). What do you guys bring everyday?
There are 2 points about this post: (1) I can't deny the fact that I regain my weight around 3 kilos, now I'm happily 75! (2) I am now writing about @starbucksindonesia and @ikat_ind collaboration, and localizing brand strategy. The tote bag I wear in this pic is one of the result of the collab, and it has been the most wanted merchandise. Some are even doing preorder for this tote. Kudos mas @didietmaulana! Hope the article airs tonight on the blog. 😊
Another toddler friendly coffee shop in Kemang area! Have yourself a pleasant coffee time at @2ndhomecoffee Kemang. β˜•πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦
So I and @putrinadiap used to have midnight talk about nonsense. Among those things, we also discussed about career, life, love, and marriage. There were times I saw her downtime just to think about marriage and the life after that. Knowing that she is now one step closer to that stage, I am beyond happy. I wish you a happy journey towards the big day, and a smooth process in achieving Ridho Allah SWT. Love, Ed.
Another post for Bebek Bengil, to appreciate its amazing taste and texture. I mean, look at that beautiful, moist texture. A blissful dining experience, indeed. Have you tried it? I am interested to try their Jakarta branch! 🍽
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☘ Ready for #DudutWewel ☘
Bali has been a strong magnet for tourists and travelers worldwide. I and @foodyid tried to discover few of the best dining spots in Bali, in case you only have 24 hours in Bali. From healthy meals (@acaiqueenbar is there too!) to πŸπŸŒ‡ sunset spot, we got you covered. Taken by @toshiko_iko and edited by @novalireza, this video is quick, not too much gimmick, then makes it easy to enjoy. Head to Foody Indonesia Youtube channel for full video! 😘 Also, do not forget to check #THRdariFoody for FREE Macbook and Samsung S9! πŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘ | #Bali #Island #Islandlife #Smoothiebowl #Sunset
Have you tried to count your blessings? One of my biggest blessings is surrounded by so many talented, passionate, and fun personaloties. They are changing my perspective in building networks, for it feels more like making friends! 😊 | πŸ“·: @karalzahedy
It is safe to say that I'm failing to adapt to the messy situation during mercury retrogade. It was very hard for me to pass. Thanks to @cosmicumentary to remind about this somewhat superstitious #astrology narrative (but damn it was right after all). As 15 of April has passed, I now regain my confidence to start something fresh. On the other side, I have learned that I did something right: reconnect with my roots. I am now becoming more mindful and sharper. Hope it strengthens my way of facing problems and bad circumstances. Happy Sunday everyone! 😘
Kelapa Dua menjadi alternatif untuk penghuni Depok. Ketika Jalan Margonda Raya menjadi terlalu hidup dan padat, rasanya perlu menemukan kesadaran untuk bergeser sedikit. Kabar baiknya, kini kawasan Kelapa Dua memiliki banyak pilihan untuk pencinta kuliner dan kopi. Restoran keluarga, kaki lima, atau third wave coffee shop (to be) bisa saya coba dengan berjalan kaki saja dari rumah. Yang saya coba hari ini adalah @thetwentyseventhcoffeeshop, kedai kopi baru yang jaraknya sangat dekat dari rumah. Dilengkapi dengan desain interior dan furnitur yang sangat kini, saya bisa duduk lama dengan nyaman dan memesan beberapa jenis kopi yang mereka jual. Mengingat ekspektasi pasar yang mayoritas mahasiswa, harga yang ditawarkan relatif terjangkau.