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Fashion show again this Sunday at Philippine Fashion Summit and I'm looking forward to finally having it off of my plate. I'm. just. so. tired. huhuhu. Wish me luck. If anyone is interested in seeing the show, it will be held in Timog. DM me for a personal invititation :)
#TBT from 7 years ago. I was a completely different person. Childish but fearless. I miss my fire. And I have to accept I will never have it again.. From The Little Prince - "All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it." but then again "There’s nothing sad about an old shell."
It's labor day and I took a self-imposed mental health leave for the day. I am just really really really tired of hustling all day everyday for the past weeks.. always available for everyone. I just opened my laptop now for a quick task as I write this post. Thank universe for Gramblr (instagram uploader app). For those who have been messaging me on FB, I'll be back in business tomorrow. My phone has also been off since yesterday in case anyone has been texting me. Regen ongoing. Please bear with me.
"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find that it is bound fast, by a thousand invisible cords that cannot be broken, to everything in the Universe"
Current status: adulting so hard. Paano ba magkaroon ng 1 million within the year? Mga bes, very low ang consumer drive ko but super window shopping ako sa mga pa-assume na bahay at lupa sa fb groups. I guess I just want to have security esp our living space conditions right now are just temporary. I want a home I can call my own as in pangalan ko yung nasa titulo beshy. Kasi wala naman ako aasahan na iba kundi sarili ko lang so hindi pwede maging kampante kailangan palaging one step ahead. Ka-anxious yung uncertainties ng buhay sana nandito na lang si mama ulit for that comfort of knowing someone got your back. Ngayon, isinasabuhay ko na lang yung pagiging strong independent woman influence niya sakin. Hirap pala pero paulit-ulit na sabi nga niya sakin noon, "Kung kaya ko, kaya mo din." Kakayanin po. Cute photo for this caption para balance. Seryoso masyado.
Wherever we go, we bring kawaii with us.

Spent Beau's birthday finding happy-cute things in Tagaytay City! Read about it on my blog. Link on my bio~ ✨🎀
Making memories today with this birthday girl. 💕
YOOOOO I did it! I finally was able to shoot all pieces of this @doroteesweetlips collection which had it's debut last October. :)) All released for sale on the shop as well. SO TIRED huhu 🎀👗
Blogged about our local lolita community's sweet meet at @thedessertmuseum
http://justinechantelleblog.com/ or tap the link on my bio~
“Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ” ― Elizabeth Stone
Working on some backlogs huhu! Trying to revive my blog once more but this time with clearer goals and that is to make my blog helpful and something of value for my readers. ✨  Do you have any topic suggestions?
My weakness is that I don't really have any work routine. There will be days where I'm just like goofing about and there will be days that I'm so unstoppable. I don't know if I'm just romanticizing my procrastinating habits looool but I guess I can say that despite all of this, I get shit done? I just thought it's important to acknowledge such qualities to pass on to my daughter. That's it's okay to take your own phase but when it comes to commitments, it's important to respect other people's time and get shit done. Done is better than perfect. You are your own brand. ⭐️