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Hi, cat. Please love me. 😂
Day 2 of #105DaysOfEmpowerment

My biggest dream:
To achieve financial freedom by doing what I love. I can imagine all the great things I can contribute to the world when that happens. We only have one life to live anyway so yep #challengeaccepted #yolo
Currently joining #105DaysOfEmpowerment lead by @workfromhomepinay.ph

What's my why?
I believe every person is born with innate talents, interests and, abilities to contribute to the world. No man is an island, so they say. I think it's our responsibility to shape and mold it and find our sense purpose using these gifts we are given with. 
This is why I do what I do.
Fun times from last year's Lolita Memoires book release meet! The Philippine Lolita fashion community turns 9 next month and it's always been an honor to witness the community grow. We're 3 weeks away from Lace Up! - a lolita fashion convention in Manila, in celebration of the comm's anniversary. It just feels surreal to think we're on the 2nd year already. It felt like the first Lace Up was just yesterday 🎀
"But don't afraid to wonder
Try to get back that you wander you lost
And when you're done
I'll be waiting

Rest your head, rest your head
On the nook of my neck
" 🎶 St. Petersburg by Reese Lansangan
I really love playing with appliques with my lolita fashion designs. This @doroteesweetlips dress is still available on Shopee. http://shopee.ph/doroteesweetlips ✨🎀
Our Baguio trip was only 2 weeks behind us and it breaks my heart to see the city battered due to typhoon Ompong. People lost lives, homes and livelihood destroyed. My heart goes to everyone affected by the disaster. 😭
Because I'm craving for donuts..
#TBT to this upcycled @doroteesweetlips piece I made last year. Currently grinding a fashion show collection for Lace Up! 2018 - a mini lolita fashion convention in Manila {Find @pglc.laceup in Facebook for more details} and I can't wait to finish soon so I can make a couple of upcycled pieces to add on my selections for my booth. I hope I can make it *gasp*
Lace Up! 2018, a mini lolita fashion convention in Manila, is near! Passes are close to selling out! Look for Lace Up in FB for more details (@pglc.laceup)
I would normally dislike hanging out in the open sun but it's a different story when I'm in Baguio. The cold and fresh air + the subtle warmth of the sun is so comforting like an embrace. 
I dream of having a #titasofmanila brunch  with my amigas here at veranda of Vanilla Cafe Baguio someday. 😂
There is just some sort of charm in basement entryways.

The reserved area of Vanilla Cafe for Kamiseta Hotel guests was especially quirky. I must make it a goal to experience this place even more when I go back to Baguio.

Photo by the badadi @joeyncore