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Model call for Lace Up 2018 fashion show - a lolita fashion convention in Manila is now open for registration! Look for Lace Up in Facebook and see the post for details. 
Photo from last year's Lace Up fashion show. @juliantoinette on catwalk for @doroteesweetlips
It's almost August again, my birth month. /Low key panic mode. Where did the time go? This photo from my birthday last year doesn't feel too long ago. On top of that, I'm kinda excited for my yearly Baguio trip. (My wallet is not though lol)
By plucking her petals, you do not gather the beauty of the flower. 📷 @gurezu
👗 @doroteesweetlips
Refashioned lolita dress out an unwanted H & M dress and a sheer top handmade by me. :) It's also available for purchase at @doroteesweetlips
Yay for sustainable fashion choices~ <3
Have a great weekend everyone!
📷 @gurezu
Fun experience last week as me and my PGLC friends were guests for a local talk show and got the chance to talk about lolita fashion and the local community. Thank you so much for having us, The Medyo Late Night Show with Jojo A. Only on PTV channel. :)
From a collab photoshoot with Ayu months back! She's wearing my work @doroteesweetlips as our promo for the Philippine Fashion Summit show.

Today's #ResparkChallenge2018 is about refreshing your theme for the year AKA your biggest goal in which you will align the smaller goals you need to do to achieve that goal. For years, I have always struggled in trying to work smart and not hard. I always end up doing the latter because I feel like it's quicker. It is quicker, yep, but I found myself in a limbo of #forevertired. Growing older, it also takes a toll on my health.. my body is not the same as when I was 20. It came upon me I should take care of myself more. This year, my biggest goal is to improve on my "Work Smart & Not Hard" mantra by delegating, collaborating and systemizing my work. Even Beyonce has a team, right? "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." 📷 @nikoshinn
I guess my biggest win so far for 2018 is being patient enough to find the right environment of learning for Beau. A month ago, I was getting into a depressive state as I was looking into pages and pages of nearby preschools. Most are traditional types and sectarian. You see, I know my child well that I know she would be the best version of herself with child-led learning. Also, because we decided to not get her baptized we avoid sectarian schools (we believe her spiritual path is for her to decide someday). Super hirap halos lahat ng private dito catholic/christian school and required madalas ang baptismal cert. Yung mga progressive and montessori schools naman di ko afford. Naawa ako sa sarili ko for a couple of days until I finally found her preschool's FB page. It's only a neighbourhood learning center BUT the teaching style is a mix of Montessori, Waldorf, and progressive. It's non-sectarian and most of all, I can afford it! I haven't felt this sense of relief for the longest time. I'm so happy!

The universe is listening to those who have the purest of intentions. Just believe 😌  #ResparkChallenge2018
Calling all lolitas from the PH! Our comm have this yearly photobook project called Lolita Memoires. For a small fee, you get to have your best photo in lolita fashion included on the zine. Articles carefully curated for the local comm are also included! There's just something with the traditional paperback experience, right? This year, we are now on our 3rd volume. A meet will also take place on it's release where participants can sign each other's zines! For more info, look for Lolita Memoires in Facebook. Hope to meet new faces on the zine release! xoxo
Today, Beau officially started preschool. I'm super excited for her as she seems to be enjoying a lot. I'm glad I found a preschool where learning is child-lead as I want her to see school as a place for learning, not studying (as in a chore). Looking forward on her discovering her talents and interests along the way. As a mother, the best I can do is to support her as her own person. Rooting for you, my love! ✨👏
I make cute lolita dresses for toddlers too! These are zero waste products out of fabric scraps :) Therefore, every item is one of a kind. Order now at @doroteesweetlips
There are two ways of spreading light: To be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. 🌙⭐️ 📷: @gurezu