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2018 is almost over. A lot of my 2018 goals didn't manifest as expected but that's okay. As long as there is progress, there is growth. And I really think as humans there is really no such thing as the ceiling(?). As we achieve things, we just crave for more experiences, more learning. I mean why not? With the endless possibilities life can offer in this limited lifetime? I think regret is a state I am most afraid of. I realized death is not so scary. Dying but full of regrets is.
Rare times I wear a wig. Photo from last year's Mata Expo!  Mata Expo is coming to Manila once again this 2019 and my team is working hard to bring you a cool jculture experience. Stay tuned for more details!
@labyrinthgarden auction this Sat 11/17 8pm on LG's FB page
Fb.com/labyrinthgarden! So many cute outfits for cheap!
Feeling a bit sicly again ughh. But still fighting. So much work to dooo ahh 📷 by the badadi @joeyncore
Just got home from a quick vacation with my fam for daddy' bday! Of course, photo opportunities are always a goal. Always make it a goal to collect memories 😌🍃💕
“Dare to love yourself
as if you were a rainbow
with gold at both ends.” ― Aberjhani 🌈⭐️
Tagaytay getaway again next week for daddy's birthday. So excited! 
Photo from last summer's Tagaytay trip!
Learning is an active process. We learn by doing. Only knowledge that is used sticks in your mind. -Dale Carnegie
FINALLY! All my events and fashion shows are done. Last night's Kontrabida Ball was LIT AF! I hope to feel fully rested in the coming days so I can shoot this collection asap. 😌
My hime lolita coord from the recently concluded Lace Up! 2018 - A Lolita Fashion convention in Manila. I don't have a lot of pictures as I was busy running the event and documenting other people ehehehe. I hope to shoot this coord properly soon though. And maybe a fashion vlog of some sort? Let's collab! If you're a MUA, photographer, videographer and would like to have a fun project with me, hit me a DM 🎀
@moa_chan26 on the catwalk wearing my one of my works @doroteesweetlips fashion show at Lace Up! 2018 - A Lolita Fashion Convention in Manila. She's a natural. :) 📷 @nikoshinnj
Lace Up! 2018 - A Lolita Fashion Convention in Manila is now behind us. Thank you to all who made this possible once again! It's always an honor for me to witness new forged friendships through this event. For me, this is what truly matters above all else. To find a place where you feel you belong.. Happy 9 years, Philippine Gothic and Lolita Community!